The next ascendable 6*


What do you all think will be the next ascendable toon?
Yet another premier or finally an existing 5*
I’m guessing Beta in premier recruits, seems like a no brainer to me…lol


Sigh… Probably Beta premier…

…still hoping… crw… Gov or Glenn… ot some new ascendable…


i hope glen


Gov please :slight_smile:

Or Gator


I’m guessing unlikely since we haven’t seen his card leaked yet


6* Green Glenn will be the next one from the old batch to ascend, then Red Governor, and so on, so make sure to save up those Supply points and buy them now.


Anyone got the screenshots for Glenn or gov?


Gov is basically a glass cannon but comes with neutralize.

Glenn is a command with good control rush. Nicely paired with carl and shiva


Thanks just curious if i should get one or not. Glenns in the depot but might wait for gov


Gov looks better IMO


Glenn can also be acquired through 4s ascension.

Governor is only in depot atm


Lol he just posted the pics now.


Glenn doesn’t look so great, and his active skill only stops bleed, in which nobody uses, so what a waste. Was going to buy hin from depot, but I’m just gonna try my luck at the ascending wheel to try to get. 8 Benedict on him isn’t worth it. :anguished:


Prob Beta on next Friday…

If Lucky we will get an ascendable midweek.

Or we’ll get two ascendables on Friday, Beta and whoever they throw into CRW Prize Box


With all the damn barkers im seeing that stopping bleed is looking more n more handy imo.

But one toon does not always a status make or break.


Honestly I prefer he have a useless active. That way I’m not relying on a stupid a.i. prefer a command to be a command, and if they use their rush, at least it’s useful at stopping other rushes


I’ll take both gov for the neutralize and Glenn cause we’ll its better then that turd of a 5* that’s been collecting dust that I got just to complete a section of the museum.


Didn’t Alphas card get “leaked” just before release? I will hold out hope for Gator.


I truly hope for red old gov to be ascendable soon, I’ve had enough of heavy tank team led by Carl!


I hope one of the new ones they come out with will be Dale. He deserves it, maybe his time will come!