The next 33 days


Cakes. Done

Candles. Done

3rd Year Anniversary token wheel. Don…no…wait…not done. It still has 33 days left to run - another 22 or so beyond the end of the tokens given out for the September log in.

So what’s the plan Scopley?


Two words: $20+ offers


more then that

what was the last 99.99 offer for 115 tokens.

please we all want that $36 12 pull.


You’ll get the offer when the event is over


lol so true


Daily logins… war rewards


Another tell tale event maybe


One word:



Plus 5 grenades!!


Kinda feels anti climatic.

Cakes round 2 anyone?


We had our cake… Now we need anniversary ice cream!


Wait… what? Should I have turn in my cakes?


Nah, you got another 3 days to complete the collections - although I presume cakes and candles won’t be dropping any more


Reloading the collections maybe?


New tell tale event cause episode 2 coming out in 5 days. So we are going to have a premium AJ, premium lily, 2 new character premiums (Charlie, and that girl that gets beat to death?) And maybe ftp carley


it is :blush:


Maybe a rosie toon like shiva


The token wheel runs longer so people dont complain about it going away to fast and forgetting to use their tokens, if the wheel disappeared right away everyone would cry too so there is no winning here. Use the tokens you get for free, Maybe buy a few more, and ignore the wheel if you have no use for it. Was an entire post about this really necessary?


It said at the start the rewards for October log in are more 3 year tokens… smh, nobody seems to read anymore


If it was a couple.days after the end of the candles/cakes, or even after end of the month, your view would be legit. But it runs 20 days into October - if you aren’t turning them in that quickly, you deserve to lose them.

Nope, didn’t read that. However, I think the wheel only runs until the 20th so won’t be the whole length of October we get tokens for.