The new war crate rewards

I seem to recall that with a recent update (maybe 25.0) it was said that the war box rewards were going to be refreshed.

I just opened about 100 of these suckers and pretty much just got elite item tokens and gear markers with a handful of exceptions. Anybody else kind of disappointed with these boxes?


I don’t even open them tbh

They don’t show the odds, but I’m sure this new crate have something like 99% of chances crap stuff. Barely got cans and trainers


Not sure what they are supposed to drop. Had an occasional world can, sometimes a trainer (mostly Brady or Ulysses), 80% of the time markers, 15% the basic tokens.

No S-class cards any more, as far as I can tell

Never expect anything to be better with an update all they do is make things worse.

What I saw the most was 500 gear markers, followed by 3 basic tokens, a few trainers none were Lilith or Ulysses though, and a few cans.

Not sure if there is anything else inside but it does appear that they removed the cards or the RNG to pull them is so low it’s as good as gone.


I get 95% gear markers

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Every update they bring to make f2p quit.

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Glad it’s not me at least. These boxes are garbage.

I just forked over 10 bucks for that doc offer too. My only regret is that I only have 2 middle fingers to wave at you scopely.

They are worst than before. Not a single card toon drop now

Because card drops aren’t in the box anymore. The new crates have trainers/world refills.

This new box have cans and trainers, but their drop chances are ridiculously low right now, and this is not only particular bad RNG as a lot of players noticed this.
I remember getting a lot of Brady very often before the update.

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now that ive opened all of my various war rewards (crates, tokens, war wheel, etc) the best thing that came out of it was 6* Ellie from the war wheel.

war rewards NEED to be overhauled. this stuff is just garbage.

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Were you opening new crates that you earned since the update, or old crates? I don’t believe the update changed crates already in inventory.

these were all new crates. I save em up until the end of the war and treat it like Christmas

this war it was coal


I was enjoying these new crates a few wars ago, but now I get like 98% gear markers so not liking the drop rate anymore
Used to get a good average of Brady, didn’t get one trainers from my crates in blitz war.

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Yeah the new battle chests feel a wee bit stingy.

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Same here basically

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I got two Elles from 3 war wheel pulls, since the Box IV was taken off. The third prize was also a 6*, but can’t really remember what it was - something I already had, I guess…

The crates this war (and I got just 29k, warred maybe 12 times in total?) I got 2 Ulyssesses, 1 or 2 Bradys, some basic tokens, one world energy can and the rest was gear markers (maybe some 6* tokens, but not sure). Overall pretty underwhelming.

I guess the real rewards are in the war stash - hopefully that concept will stay even after total war is over…

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Yes they drop odds for trainers and cans to 2% maybe less .
It’s gear marker and basic tokens 97% of the time

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Honestly, I don’t mind the basic tokens (just would prefer 10x instead of 4x per crate) and the gear tokens (here 1k instead of 500 also wouldn’t hurt) as you need fodder and food for level ups…