The new Tough 6* Dwights default weapon


So I just asceneded the new Tough Dwight to six star and when I go into my weapon inventory to modify his default weapon I cannot find the weapon anywhere. Where did it go?


It’s not modifiable. It appears to be, but that was apparently a visual error and has been reported to be fixed. And yes, it sucks, but it’s like Jesus’ default boot: it’s unique but not able to be modified.


thank you


Change his weapon


If its 6 star Dwight he has a gold/bronze weapon that you can modify. If all else fails go to the Ascendance tower to check. I know the 5 star Dwight you can change out his weapon though


What you are discovering is that six star Dwight weapon is acutally his default weapon that is already moded. Now you can give dwight that free double attack weapon that you got from the museum. Now you level him up and use him and quickly realize that he is the sickest six star out right now and you just start calling him bae.


Yep I now have his double attack rifle on him, with his rush of two attacks ans his double attack weapon, he is killing two toons quite easily. Have iho at t3 already and I am glad I ascended him.


I believe you Actually has man crush on him lol


Never even noticed you could change out his default weapon until I seen this thread done so and he is solid with the ak74 from the event. Bae indeed lol