The new sever for new player?


Who can tell me when the new sever for new player begin?


I think they opened some new regions of late. Back in May Newberry started I went there 1st day it opened


Think Marlboro is a brand new region. #1 faction has less than 200k rep


Fairfield is one of the new ones as well


They got this all jacked up. Only allowing certain moves or better yet if i wanted to start in one of those newer regions they arent even in my entire list.

Why would you randomly keep certain newer regions off of someones list altogether??


I’m glad there blocked for now my other region Newberry is only 4 months old and I’m team isn’t there yet to face crazy rosters all the time


The reason those regions don’t show is because Fairfield and Marlboro are locked. Can only get in them by resetting ur device and starting over. I suspect this might be a way to keep these new regions by being flooded with hackers and experienced vets.

The newest Open one is Kershaw. Don’t go there. It’s overrun by Russian hackers at the moment.


Oh that’s why I couldn’t found Marlboro I was trying to get in there for the 3 free pulls


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