The New Pull Wheels not dropping advertised toon

Has anyone pulled thw advertised toon from these new pull wheels? I know plenty of people that have dropped major coinage for Kal and walked away empty handed. I did the same for Magna. I’m starting to feel like its Scopely messing with the odds


Some1 in my region has kal, so thats a yes

Odds are back to 1% from 2%. Does it really make a difference? Nobody really knows…


That’s because unlike before those toons are not with double chances. Not like it makes too much of a difference. Further, these are not single toons on promo. For example magna wheel is for defence toons. The pic of magna is kind of a bait to lure you in


Read the wheel description that will help you out next time

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Thanks for that positive feedback. Lol

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Kal’s name is on the description… Not just his picture… And the fact that someone said “I know 1 dude that pulled him” should he enough to perk up your ears… But that’s cool. Be sarcastic to the dude on the internet. That’ll make you feel better. Fast forward 2 months and maybe you’ll remember that dude that first brought this to your attention and now you’re spending triple and getting less than you did before.


I had pulled kal and ryker as 6star. But i dislike the new wheel too

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i’ve see a large sample size on the current wheel from chats and faction. the new wheels are fvcked. almost no chance to get premier toon, it’s a bold move by scopely. BOHICA!


The wheel with Kal is not a “Kal” wheel - it is a “Premier: Fast” wheel. Was the same with Magna recently - she was used to catch your attention but the wheel was “Premier: Defense”. With odds returning to normal and approx 20 legendary toons in the wheel, your odds of getting Kal or Magna would have been very very low.


the more i think about it the angrier i get. Scopely purposely nerfing the wheel. Anyone who pulled should ask for refunds right away. They are trying to bait you - look at the inbox message you got on Kal. Clearly promoting him. Yet… he’s just one of many many toons on that wheel. they only publish the 1% (6*) + 1% (5*) odds of pulling ANY one of those wheel toons while the true odds of Kal are locked away but likely close to 0%. It’s a sham and a shit move by scopely who is ramping up their desire to bF players in the ass so that they can make year end revenue targets.

I’ll probably get banned for posting this but stay away from these pull wheels. They suck, only go for the ones where the premiere is based around the toon you want and with double chances . And even then dont go crazy


Lol comment didn’t even post. Immediate block


This is gonna make it really easy for me and a lot of other people to exit the game. Any comment @JB.Scopely ? Can you help clarify this for us? Thanks in advance

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This exactly. Yes they are promoting a certain toon but there are no increased odds for that particular toon.
You have a 1% chance of getting one of 20 toons. And that’s without any weighted odds one way or another with the individual toons.

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So the odds of getting Magna, or Morgan, or Kal or Ryker in any form are actually 0.1 percent? Geez. Why bother pulling?

That’s how it’s typically always been. Unless they state “increased odds” or something like that.

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I’m glad some people noticed the difference in the 2 percent wheel. All they wheel gave me was extra useless Harlan’s in my five forty pulls for Carl and Lydia. Didn’t give my the premier toon lol