The new premier recruit setup is very dumb

Why couldn’t it just be simple and you pull for toon? At least make the item distribution better so you’ll have the toon guaranteed at at least 3 big pulls…
Also, 1 garuanteed item as the 10 pull bonus reward, WHAT?!


Dumb for us smart for scopely. If 0.2 and 0.4 weren’t low enough now u need multiple bags unless u hit jackpot on the 0.2. Screw this company, think its time to quit for good


But you get 1 teddy bear per pull and after what 240 you get a Bene too


I want to say it gives better odds since the toon IS in there but I’m not sure since I haven’t pulled in a few weeks.

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Just look at the odds. 0.2 for toon. The rest is the usual 4* 5* and a small chance to pull a bag with a fraction of the item u need for the toon. And this at a time when playbase already hates them more than ever


I want a yogi bear…not a boo boo bear

They should make it so all of the collectible items you pull come paired in a double slot bag with a 4 star character. Then it wouldn’t feel completely fruitless to pull them if you fall short of the required amount, you’d still be getting a premier pull worth of toons.

There you go cat!


By eliminating the 0.4% chance of pulling the 5star version, they have effectively reduced the chances of pulling the Premier by 67%


Also, has anyone noticed the straight trash six stars in the wheel with the premier?

I recall you used to see some former premiers (not necessarily ones from the last month) in the wheel and therefore have a chance at them. Now it’s just Fast Negans galore.


I pulled 3 40 pulls on pete wheel, i didnT even get him :frowning:

Scopleys answer to a United player base is clear. They only have broken the game and added more RNG to everything. Don’t let them off the hook by caving in and giving them the only thing they want, your money.
Stand Strong
Stand Together
#Players United
#Fix your game


It really is spectacular , they managed to add more rng to a game that is full almost to the brim with it


There is a very simple solution to this. If players don’t like the format, don’t pull or spend. Eventually scopley will realize and change it back. Push for change.


Or…they can double down and fix it with More rng!

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The answer to you question is Money any so stop asking rhetorical questions. When you have another question refer back to my previous answer…Money

They did this to stop single pulls… with free coins

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Screenshot_20190726-080812 Screenshot_20190726-080806

Simple… do not pull.



7bags within 1.3% odds.

Congrats on lightning striking twice in the same spot.

You should use that crazy luck to buy a lottery ticket that has actual value