The new gear map wtf!

So we only get the gear as a stage reward that’s it ??? Who came up with this idea ??? So it will take six weeks to get the gear you need instead of just farming the old map how is this an improvement ???

Shane said the other gear maps will still be occasionally run. So maybe business as usual with the farmable ones and rhis is just to supplement

Where did she say this?

It’s an awful idea it’s another cash grab!!! Cause no one buys the gear stashes


Yea the rng bags are a kick in the balls


Let me see if i can’t find the thread i know I saw her say it earlier, but its not showing in the dev tracker? But I think someone quoted it. I dont thibk scopely has driven me completely to the point of delusion yet lol

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So thread/post either deleted…or ive completely lost my mind.

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Am going with you losing your mind

Eh, anyone that knows me will tell you thats a good possibility lol

No, she definitely mentioned the other gear maps running occasionally.

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Still cheaper than my mishield, revive abe or og shiva pulls.

Oh yay! I’ve not completely lost it then lol was starting to feel like I had

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

If it’s not making money…then they destroy it.


This is a kick in the balls to a player base that has been kicked in the balls repeatedly over the last few months. The energy use math was posted in another thread and the amount of energy for the gear needed to upgrade is absolutely crazy.

The gear to upgrade 6 5*’s a week or 6 6*’s every 3 weeks guaranteed is crazy?

And the occasional farmable map to add to that along with milestones and rewards. Guess we’re looking for on demand gear?

And if they did that then someone would find a complaint with that.

It boggles my mind how this is not seen as an improvement. With the occasional farmable map you get ultra rare gear guaranteed on demand.

It’s basically a silver radio for ultra rare without the radio. The “math” mentioned an extreme case and did not account for the occasional farmable map.

The Merciless??