The new gear depot


Since the gear depot seems to be only farmable gear, how about putting gloves and shirts in there. Stacks of 10 or something.


Bro … stop making so much sense


But then what will I have to do with all my world energy on Thursdays? :wink:


Ikr. Ruin everyone’s Thursday plans


Plan of Thursday with bronze and silver tokens and / or speed x3 by having necessary adventure cans :slight_smile:


I’m actually a little disappointed in the new gear depot. I was hoping for a way to save up for more much needed 6* gear. Is this going to happen ever? To be honest, and I’m not trying to sound harsh or bitter… but no one who has been playing for a long time needs amo belts…



Sell both your gps and canteen so you can afford a single night vision goggles and 100k in food. What a deal!!



And this is exactly what the community didn’t wanted. This prices are just ridiculous. You motivation is again too obvious.


What I don’t like is if you need large amounts of food you can’t sell ammo belts, bloody jackets, etc for food. You’re forced to sell sneakers & glasses. You run low on those you have to sell crap weapons. You run outta those & you’re screwed. At the risk of letting my sarcasm show, thanks Scopely!!


Well they could have fixed this incredibly with simple tweak - instead of making gear into points (markers), they should have used battle items. Then items (most are from wood) - markers - food, everybody is happy. But instead let wood reserves hit new inflation and make rabble rabble among players.


You know you can use gear markers for food right? And that with the new update you would actually get more food than before?


How is it that you can get more food then before?


When you change from gear to markers to food, as it is stated from chart (someone posted it) you get for commonly farmed gear few % more food (no one is gonna exchange 4,5,6* gear obviously). It is obviously not following 6* needs, but why not, players asked for it (not really).


Sorry say it to me in dummy terms as am still unclear as how it is better then before as before the update I can sell whatever drops from the silver radio map for 13,200 but with this update I can sell one for 25 markers and get 10,000.


Bloody jacket is 20 markers use to be 13200 food.

Sell three for 60 markers = 40,000 food old way sell three for 39,600 food


Found the manager


Quick example: In old system if you sold a walkie, you get 70,800 food.

Now, you get 2,250 gear markers. In the new depot, you can buy 100,000 food for 150 gear markers. 2,250/150 = 15. Meaning you can sell a walkie and trade it in for 15*100,000 = 1.5million food.

This applies to all gear.


Whats even more of a crock is that a hand crank radio is also worth 2250 and the much harder to obtain double holster is worth 750. So let me get this straight. I need to make 2 mil in a level up using god knows how much food for one of them so then I can sell it back to the depot for 750 tokens so I can then buy 500k in food.

Sure makes total sense…If I were brain dead. This is beyond insulting to each and every one of us. Nice job scopes. Now how about you go and fix this abomination.


That is whole 1% difference, just what players asked - keep and add more wood and 1% more food.


Dude no one is gonna sell walkies…