The new events & general annoyance

I thought when events were brought into the game it would bring something new to the game that was enjoyable for factions and solo players to have fun with. This model is putting the worst part of your game the gambling and money ahead of being fun. You have a great base of a game littered with abnoxious offers that pop up during gameplay. There has to be a better way to make money than selling the best characters and coins to get them. Remember even though it’s a business your business is a game which should be first and foremost fun for players. Why not go a different route. For example skins for all 6 stars sell them make money and balance the game around earned 6 stars by playing. Then you wont have to power creep to make money. I dont know just a thought.


If we didnt have the rng for mods, weapons, op toons, etc. The whales and most people would have a breakdown as that would even the playing field and require skill.

RTS is a testing app, that’s all. Guess they are pushing as hard as they can to test the limitof people, they have lost a lot of players, both f2p and whale. So one would think they would start doing things to attract spending and people to play the game but they keep pushing more and more people away but again this app is just a test. Enjoy the ride, i am.


It’s all a joke, just laugh and go along for the ride.

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