The new event..seriously?

So I don’t get it.

As far as I can see, the haul from this event is:

  • 5350 elite item tokens
  • 6500 gear markers
  • 1700 4* weapon tokens
  • 11 Burt
  • 11 Brady
  • 2000 Armory tokens
  • 3500 5* tokens
  • 1 Elite weapon pull
  • 1 Mystery mod box (gold/silver)
  • 10000 mod scrap box
  • 50 gold medals
  • 25000 silver medals
  • 2 T3 trait gear choice
  • 2 T4 trait gear choice
  • watch/radio choice
  • GPS/canteen choice
  • 200 Stoon collectibles (up to Princess)
  • PK, DT, file, fluid

That’s a decent haul, not huge amounts but several things I’ll find a use for. Cost is 700 world energy (I think), which you can easily do on natural energy, or for a tiny amount of world cans if you want to keep your other farming up. It’s hard to compare, but I think you get better value for your energy than in the Michonne event (gear for 6* instead of 5*, and collectible choice instead of rng wheel). which was pretty popular. No territory cans and outdated ascendables though, but eh, I’ll do without those.

I really don’t see what’s so bad about this.


There is now a decent reward structure for collected sheets. It wasn’t up when i posted.

i know…ill guess…ill post bs i dont know about…then read…wait…oh…

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Not gonna cap Im gonna waste these cans for them bloody sheets and covers.

I was waiting for you to show up :grin: made a post about it but was removed with the quickness, glad to see the scopely bot accounts here to do damage control.

lol…u know i love a negative

Must have been lag, because I was there when the event started and both collections were immediately available for me. But that can probably happen, and without the collections the event would have been a lot worse.

Still, you are not the only one who seems unhappy with this. I sometimes wonder what people expect to get for an event that requires barely any effort.

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I know we got 8 days to complete it but with the Choice Box/Gold bar roadmaps, and the rather high energy cost, I’ll be lucky if I get to the 6⭐ map. I’ll probably use a can of two for the 4-5⭐ map though.

is this a guess?

40 gas a stage only to get to the end of the 6* and face a Mercer/ Slater/ Daiyu/ killfest . I went in with a defense team got tired of everyone reviving. if Pete wasn’t reviving me, Slater was reviving Mercer or Daiyu. So I fled and had to go back with a full on attack. And won. But jeez. That’s 80 gas. Ridiculousness. Lol. On my part as well. Just couldn’t stand Mercer beating me.

You are easy to please. When compared to the events from last year, road rage, Michelle and pathways… it’s easy to see why one would be disappointed.

Considering we get more collectibles from the daily roadmap over the same period of time (240 compared to 200), one can see why they missed the mark on this “event”.

It’s not horrible but we can demand better.


but…your too positive…what you should do is follow these in there deluded i want.

Starting at nothing, I don’t think what you’re getting for 3 roadmaps is terrible. It’s just not really an ‘event’. @gannicusG said it best that all the things you mentioned we should be getting weekly at this point anyway. Not awful, it’s just eh. As a F2P. I don’t see any P2W value.

Locking the main event thread wasn’t a particularly advisable move either and lowered the tone. Otherwise it might’ve just been an average pass-the-time event for a week.

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How dare you! We should be worshipping scopely, kissing their feet, we should spend lots of money cause this event and everything they do is perfect, so how dare you players want better!

every event is p2w…till they read.

It’s just like… 200 items is so measly lol. Especially now that S class characters can drop in recruits and the 1,000 cards as well. They need to step up their game.

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I mean there is clearly a P2W element in this event via bloody pillows. I think that part is poor. The F2P aspect is eh.


Lol I know guys like u who blabber things and still play those events knowing it’s some good in a way …

but as always creates a divide…b4 event even up…i saw p2w…from usual people…same people who said michelle was…or any event come to think of it. People say it is b4 they even know.

Yeah but the announcement did specify that pillows were from offers only. So it’s not an unreasonable conclusion

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