The new 5* token wheel update should not go ahead! Instead let’s us vote!


The characters that have been listed are 90% total garbage and are just completely useless. The decent characters aren’t even that usable anymore so adding crap like Vernon is just pointless and plain stupid. All this new updated wheel will do is ANGER the player community!

I suggest you hold a poll and the players vote which characters to add. Maybe have two polls:

-1st poll to decide which new characters should be added. Let us pick out of 10 characters and the top 5 with the most votes go in.

-2nd poll to decide which characters should be removed from the current wheel. Choose 10 characters from the wheel and then let the players vote for which ones they want to take out. The top 5 most voted would be removed.

Hold this poll every month or two.
This will give the players a real sense of involvement



I think idea is too democratic for them so most likely would not be appreciated by “the team” but hey ho might as well try:/ never had a response from them, maybe one day :frowning:



Lol that’s true



In before it gets locked.



How would this be locked?

It’s not a bad idea, it’s their game and our time / money.

Let’s work on something that benefits Everyone involved.

We get a say in who goes up for a spin on the wheel and they could see a spike in coin sales for pulls.

Win / Win

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Don’t think I’ve said anything that baaaaad :thinking: unless people can’t handle the truth… honest criticism :woman_shrugging:



Do you think a certain company can handle the truth?

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I am not seeing the bad either lol

It’s a good suggestion, it’s something that can be tweaked but it’s a baseline suggestion for constructive progression



Yeh exactly I just thought of it quickly, I’m sure some sort of streamlined version would be a great addition to player interaction with the game.

Plus a good 5* token wheel really makes players happier. Even when then have a promo with the 5* tokens as the bonus items or a coins sale with 5* tokens, players feel they are getting a better deal when they pull or buy coins and then get enough tokens to pull from the 5* token wheel too but only if they pull a good 5* like shiva!

I’d feel royally screwed over if I got a bad character like Vernon and most likely would put me off spending again.



@kalishane no response, I feel like actual plausible suggestions get ignored:/ no wonder most just use the forums to vent their frustrations at crap communication :woman_shrugging:

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The LiveOp staff has already made their mind. So, that update is as good as done. This will be our new reality starting tomorrow.

The only way Scopely would let us vote was if they could turn it into an pop up offer, where you’d pay 20 bucks for a chance at a vote! Lol j/k

Anyway, they don’t seem to know how to run their own game. When they get something right, they rush to screw it so that people have to spend.