The new 5* dwight barbed wire


Will there be a second dwight road map for the barded wires? Because in the road map there is only 600 and there are 400 more from the the events.


you only need 1000.


The rest will probably be in impossible milestone events, or pay for them :confused:


I meant like will there be a second way to get the rest of the wires


dude you only need 1000 barbed wires, I don’t understand your problem.


But if i didnt get it from the eventa? So will i not be able to get dwight?


the other 400 are in the milestones 200 for the level up going on currently, and 200 in the war milestones this weekend. so part 2 of the roadmap will almost certainly be for the leather vest’s that we need for the other half of the collection.

I doubt they will have a second way of getting the 400 wires that you can get from the milestones, however they seemed to say they were going to do that with the gun pieces that were in milestones for everybody that couldn’t make them, but so far no sign of that, so I wouldn’t count on it, and if you really want Dwight go all out to get the 250k needed in the level up to make sure. Just hit 250k and then give up, as you will probably have to do the same again next week to get some of the vests.


200 from LU, 200 from wars + 600 from roadmap and done lol


I’m sure they’re content with Dwight being quite exclusive. I mean, currently in my region, there are only 50 players out of 2600 that have passed the 250k milestone. I’ve resigned myself to the idea that I won’t be getting Dwight (insert blame on lack of YGL, food, gear, etc.).