The Negan Song (Youtube)


I’ve never seen this before and thought this was appropriate for the show’s return.

What’s your favorite Negan quote from the comics or show?

Probably my favorite:


I found that quote to be awesome. My favorite one is from volume 19 when he guts Spencer. “Oh how embarrassing, there they are they were inside you the whole time, you DID have guts. I’ve never been so weong in my life”.


OMG that’s right! I saw that in the show too!


I always liked this exchange;

Negan’s biggest tool was the inability for anyone to read him.


I came here to see “The Negan dip”

this video did not disappoint.


I actually used that for my monologue when auditioning for my theatre class. Very fun to use Negan’s quotes.


Haha I was just watching the Robot Chicken Video earlier after I saw this!


I had the video ready to share in the event you were gonna say: “what dip?”


I mean… you should share it in case someone else doesn’t know… if you want.

I kinda want you to. haha


To all my dedicated mates

I don’t know how to post a vídeo because I am on mobile phone, this forum stinks.


You killed me.

I was not expecting that.


You mean I should direct people to the 1:25 mark as well? :smiley: