The N is for Negan

Where can i find payback negan? help plz

Using the search would bring up probably half a dozen threads with this answer. Take your pick.

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Or instead of taking the time to look up all the threads on this subject and post links to them but not answer the question we could cut through all the bs and tell you you can find him on the gold stage 19 in SR. :smirk:

Ask your region to make payback negan solo teams, if they have him, that’ll give you some bots to hit

Give a man a fish and he’s fed for a day, but teach him to use the search function on a forum and he’ll have answers for life.

Or something like that.


What @Kanaima said. Do all the work for people and they become complacent and dependant on others to do everything for themselves.


In survival road check description boxes of defeated stages in the tournament. Look for the payback symbol. You can click on it to check and verify. Then play the stage

That is not how I roll.

@Opie @Kanaima

You can find Negan in Survival Road. The stages aren’t all the same though so you’ll have to go back and look at the stages to actually find them.

Like others have said gold 19 is where I found it as well.

It looks like they changed gold 19 because I know that is where I farmed Negan. Yesterday it was a hybrid stage of walkers and humans one being Negan. Today it’s 3 waves of humans and no payback Negan.

Silver 20 is showing the payback symbol. Try that one before they stealth nerf that one too.

I noticed when I complete a tier (bronze/silver/etc.), the previous tiers switched up what was there. After I completed bronze, he was there on bronze 23. After I completed silver, he was no longer on bronze 23 but was on bronze 20. So, the best advice is to go back and look at all your completed stages for the payback symbol, and if you don’t find it, complete another tier and check again.

Why would they program it to rearrange the entire stage once its been completed. So dumb.

They should have just put negan in one of the Bear Hunt stages or even better came up with something better for one of the letter collections.

This is kinda fun for me, too, trying to figure out a puzzle that in turn leads to better understanding of game mechanics. Or yeah, they could just put flashing arrows and banners that hand-feed and require no thinking :neutral_face:

This is a joke. Some players get him personally I didn’t. Unless you are willing to put in major money forget getting anything worth happen. Personally my top toons I get is from depot never get stuff from events or draws.

I noticed a long time ago that the levels change… mainly because I would quite often lose toons in the red stun zombie stage, go back later to try get three stars and it would be a human level or something. Never really mattered till now tho lol

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