The museum is a big mess

Screenshot_20190901-012230 Screenshot_20190901-012226
Christ. I can’t navigate through this! What’s worse is that they aren’t even properly sorted!
Player’s Council, stop shoveling in the pancakes and get on this, we need a separate tab for event missions, and they need to be sorted better.


You tried using the sort button?
Or the search button?


It’s still annoying. Most of these collections shouldn’t even have a timer (S Class collections, for example)


First off the pancakes are amazing, dont hate lol naw man i understand. There is a sort button that does help but not sure how much for those that have bunch of collections but even then it is an eye sore. A few of us touched on road maps and museums being a cluster … So if or when i cant say bc unfortunately we are battling many evils in this game lol but hopefully yes we can get a falll clean up to happen.

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Permanent toon collections (Faction Assault, Dual Specialist) should be its own tab, and the SC/comic collections should definitely be as well.
S-Class should probably be in the ascendance tower, or in the permanent toon tab. Every S-class adds two, so the whole thing is going to become more messy every time.

Museum should be regular collections (could add a few new ones as well) and event collections only.

[ETA] I’m not sure how much they should prioritize this. It’s a mess, but some of the other things on the list seem more urgent

After 3 years of playing i just realized theres a search button…


Nit picking a bit aren’t you?

All the problems with the game and this is what you’re complaining about today? Jfc some people.


I don’t get the pancake joke

Problem solved :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

I mentioned this in another thread the other day. They should have a tab for SC/comic collections, one for limited time collections like anniversary balloons, and then a tab for regular character ones and those character ones should be updated with new collections as well.

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