The most valued Forum player

If seen the forums from above with our an account and diseased to make one…the best forum players has to be @Kookland

yep @kookland is good entertainment value

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Yes i would have to agree, it is a good show :popcorn:


We gonna have like a forums awards? Lol like the oscars or grammys

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where is @IronandWine? havent seen him post for about a week


Detox most likely
Good for him

Speaking of, I just learned this link… to top forum posters… All time most appreciated by a mile went to Iron&Wine



:laughing: Still alive. Just taking a break from the crap show this game has turned into. Finished up the mind-numbingly boring Piper event and got her along with 20k in coins, 275 gold mods (most were worthless), along with a mega crap ton of Benedicts and Burts.

Sadly with what the game has turned into over the last several months I no longer care to play. It’s pointless, boring, and 100% devoid of fun. I wish everyone the best and I really do hope things turn around but honestly, I just don’t see it.

Keep on surviving forum and stay classy!


he wins

can u do one for biggest whiny person too

Damn! Ima miss you bruh! :sob: I’m tired of people quitting and seeing this game go downhill! :angry:


We will also do one for white knight defender of scopely and one for most complacent :wink:

And serious btw, i wanna make a poll, an awards show so to say, it will be fun but i need categories from people besides the normal most helpful, biggest troll, etc. We should have some fun ones also lol

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yep…u in top.60

Sweet! Dont cut yourself short tho, you will def win some categories also

I like @PlatinumChips posts


It’s me I am your champion.

Not leaving entirely. Just not giving a crap about competing nor having to invest far too much of my free time just to collect more in-game crap that I can’t even use since there is just about no way to get new worthwhile toons outside of spending.

I haven’t been on the forum because I’m kinda sick of repeating myself over and over again and also seeing others say the same things and getting nothing but silence or empty promises from scipley. Nothing ever changes around here and the game just keeps getting worse.

Rewards are still subpar and rarely worth the effort. There is still no real way for a f2p player to get stronger outside of luck, events are beyond stale and repeated far too often, and finally, they killed the last thing I truly enjoyed war by changing it to a 15/16 region format so every match is now 90% whale. Not fun, not at all.

I almost forgot the biggest problem I see is the complete lack of quality control. Every single day there is another bug introduced into the game. Someone, please call an exterminator because we are infested over here. :smirk:



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Very well put @IronandWine

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Well your complaints will be missed around here :joy:
Not by the white nights obviously haha
Take care bud sounds like you’ve almost managed to brake away from the game, wish i could :expressionless:


It aint so difficult to break away! Good luck.