The most OP toon ever made!?!



He’s no Oberson.


Inmidiate nerf XD


hey it is finally realistic, what specialist or leader skills could a kiddo have? Jep, nothing.

It is a kid with a knive, deal with that. :rofl:


Haha right lol


Crap Look at all of that TBD to be unlocked!

there are 10 more levels of TBD awesomeness to unlock!!!


Whoah, he is insane! But can we get some details how his rush exactly works? Tear Break Destroy? Does it kill one enemy, two? Or maybe wipe out entire team?


He has to be the 6* version of OG whispers Jesus, where if you don’t take him out he will wipe your whole team out. (If not your entire Roster, Just look at all of that TBD)


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