The most fashionable toons

The game is feeling very dull and boring… and I’m bored… so we’re here to talk about the most fashionable and posh characters in the game! Let’s debate in a friendly manner and share thoughts, choices and opinions! Go!

Interesting. I think erika is pretty fashionable.


True and the theme its too crazy fashionable its too weird to zombie game,scopely dont have any new ideas for events

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So many great characters. Personally I’m gonna start with a favorite which is Samurai Jesus… I felt like 5* Era characters really had… well… character! It’s rare we see as good looking fashionable characters as we did in 5* Era… I think he’s got a very strong and unique fashionable appearance.


I like Erika a lot… think she was a great character for a winter release, she isn’t overdone. great design and great character that is still helpful. I still don’t have her! She was the first character I ever did over 100 pulls for, after 140 I gave up on my quest for her as I could only admire her from afar knowing I’d never get to catch her

He’s got a bun. And a mask.

I got her the first time i did a pull which unfortunately was the first week I played lol.

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Yay! :smile:

Back when 5* was a big thing, they released a fast char but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was :smile:. I wrote them and complained that they had put a guy in Uggs.
But maybe he was just ahead of his time - I’ve since seen men in Uggs walking the streets.

Other than that Strong 5* Rosita is posh :wink:

Uggg now I have to look thru my roster for uggs

Fast Jesus is another of my ab fabs

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Well I like to think of it as Ronin and not let those with manbuns ruin it, his mask just adds to his fashion sense. Lucky! I know a lot that got Erika easy but she been playing hard to get with me for years… some day she might realize how much I’d appreciate her in SR and FA and come join me… and right? I just browsed my roster cause of @JessicaRabbit :joy:

I’ve looked at Fast Joshua and it isn’t him although I thought it was :joy:
Maybe they changed his boots because of my complaint? I do remember support responding nicely and told me they took my suggestion to the team :joy::joy:

Yes! Still use him too. I like his character portrait, looks exactly like Jason Momoa lol

They must have, I can’t find it and I have nearly every 5* yellow I think :thinking:

My favorite of all time character design though has to be Blue Romanov… a character so fashionable, unique and down right smoldering hot (pun intended) such a cool character to get a flamethrower, we don’t get characters that look as cool as this anymore nor bound weapons… you can tell where bound weapons started out to be really cool unique weapons became just a way to bottleneck people later as they add in just a boring bound weapon to slow progression on players… it’s a shame.


Is this even a question lol


I’ve always thought Amber was very posh :joy:


Lol I knew Amber and Miraboobs would appear :joy: I like Sandy as well, I think she has some great variants.

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Decap Sandy for sure!


I don’t think posh is the right word to use on Mirabelle and Amber. Just sayin … :joy::joy:

But yes they came to mind here also :joy: