The mods were a good or a bad thing?

For you the addition of mods was a good or a bad thing? For me it was for the worse? What’s the point of getting a better character if their greatness can be outshined with a less good or a boring character with some mods that makes him kill you brand new character as if it was just some other one of the bunch? Yes you can mod him too but for me it just diminish the idea of what a great character is

Better IMO. The weapon system was greatly flawed; mods brought it back into check slightly. It also gave Burn, and Bleed more importance. Unlike the weapon system, there are much more ways to build a character without making it seem like there’s an obvious choice.


mods are good cuz they bring a lot of diversity, now if we are talking about a character with 4000 defense and over 3000 hp that you need to kill, that`s a different story


several whales are typing…


I like it.
Helps make epics more tanky (if you’re in a very new region like me), and just in general helps toons out.

Not as bad as I thought they would be but i’m still not a fan tbh


There are advantages and disadvantages. I’m in the meh area but leaning more towards the “I like it” side.

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I have a love/hate relationship with them at the moment.

I like mods

Dislike… another money grab with rng attached to it. Bad enough needing to get lucky in the armory, now you need to get lucky in so many ways with mods.

Also, the fact that they introduced active skills in six stars and then mods to counter them is infuriating in my opinion.


If you have good mods they are great… If you have shitty mods they suck. Pick your poison

In some ways it brought more balance and some ways it brought more imbalance… Meh


I don’t think it balanced the game at all. It gave spenders a huge advantage. The most skilled f2p players could have taken down any team in the past using the right combo of active skills. Now, there’s so much rng with all the mod resists.

Mods don’t really help the f2p with defense because te spenders have the better toons.


Just wish they werent so… rng…

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Snagged this from a thread back in early July… a little spending might give you a “slight” advantage with mods :joy::rofl: – that’s just ones the player is not using (could be more off screen we cannot see :scream:)

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I care little for the mods in and of themselves BUT very very glad to have an easy way to use up wood.

Worth it IMO

Probably like them more if I stopped getting the crit set BS :unamused:


Mods=good cause Armory with all stun teams etc Mods=Defeat of these teams
6stars=bad same game higher stats not many great Legacy characters and gear we need to improve them in the actual game unless $$$$$$$$$$ least with the old 5 stars we could level the Rush with normal trainers 1 stars 2 stars even 3 stars and 4 stars and now we can’t.

Could have lived without it

I am going to echo some of the above mentioned posts when I say they are definitely a double edge sword. I will admit, I spent quite a bit to get decent mods. So by default, I like them for the advantage they give my defensive teams in war. The drawback is most of those modes are not close to being top level maxed, and you can’t reset them when you max out with low garbage stats. Also, it is not enjoyable facing ultra whale teams that somehow have every one of their mods completely maxed/top level stat wise (looking at you Russian and Japanese regions). Bottom line is we could have done without them, just like the 6* stat boosts a month after they were released.

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Mods added more tactical variety.

I would classify them as a positive, overall.