'The Meta-Meta' or 'What the Hell are FTP Expected to do Nowadays?'

So with Harper out something I’ve been noticing for a while now has properly come to forefront. She’s meant to be a shield killer primarily, that’s obvious. She’s got focus, disarm and stun.
There’s a problem though; She’s a PTP toon used to counter a PTP strategy. Most FTP players still don’t have a shield, let alone enough backing to properly keep it propped up for more than 2 turns.
This isn’t anything new though.
Alert Sandy and Wayland are a counter to revive chain teams (again: unlikely to see from a FTP player)
Lacerators and Naya are a counter to the tanky and bonus HP teams (this is the most likely to see from FTP players, but not to the extent to overcome the previously mentioned skills.)
Collateral Damage II and Harper are counters to shield teams (been over Harper/shields and Bryan looks like he sucks, so I’m ignoring him.)
And disarms are a counter to the weapon meta that’s basically universal (FTP have access to weapons end of this, but no proper access to any disarming toons.)

This has lead to what I call The Meta-Meta, or Meta^2 for you mathy types. It’s when a PTP character or strategy emerges to counter a PTP strategy rather than focusing on something else and letting the FTP or light PTP base catch up.

Was this in the 5 star era? Oh yes, most certainly. But it was different then. OP defense strategy? Release a new varied specialist or leader skill that can counter it, but already has a counter built in! OP offense strategy? Same thing. Nowadays in the 6 star era it’s just; OP defense strategy? Let’s release a more powerful offensive character! Offensive character too powerful? Let’s release a more powerful defensive character!
The 5 star era varied, so FTP players could find a niche and specialize and the swings were less blatant. It was more “Use this and you may be able to counter Shieldonne” rather than “Use this and you’ll be able to tear off Magna’s ass and beat her to death with it in 2 turns flat, guaranteed”. The 6 star era just escalates and counter escalates the same old shit and expects FTP players to keep up with a 1-track meta that’s horribly outpacing them. This is why so many people are worried about the power creep. This is why so many people are losing faith.


Just don’t spend keep it f2p and go into a chill faction and relax. The best way to counter scopely is starving them of money. I get your pissed but seriously they don’t listen to us on here. The best thing I ever did two years ago was basically get more than half my purchases refunded through google play and stop all payments.


I’m not pissed per say, just annoyed that I’ve got to jump through hoops to do the most basic of teambuilding nowadays, and whenever I can get something that clicks it’s immediately torn apart by whales just hitting the auto button.

Truth be told, I spent to try for some of the TellTale toons, but after this last fiasco I’m done for good. Leagues will keep me afloat on coins hopefully. And be careful encouraging others to stop spending. It’s punishable by public execution around here. :wink: (Seriously though, I’ve been suspended twice for it.)

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I’m still hoping for something good when league store round two opens with two new effort/f2p toons and another probably useless ascendable.
At this moment disarm or anti-disarm (maybe 5*weapons) could only help!

What are we supposed to do? It’s simple my dear boy, we perish. Do you remember the names of any of the marines from alien 2 besides that one badass one and the “game over” guy? Me either, that’s us lol

So cowboy up and let’s get destroyed spectacularly in crw. Get crying or get dyin and I’m all out of cryin * lost my leg in a lego accident* Seargant Scrumptious FTP first class


I’ll tell you right now what the new ascendables in season 2 are going to be:

Tara - another blue damage dealer, like F2P doesn’t already have a million. The only thing that could differentiate her from characters already available to us would be if she had Disarming, which we all know is a near impossibility

Camila - will basically be the yellow version of Ezekiel from season 1. She’ll probably have a leader skill that will be slightly underwhelming.


That was Hudson, played by Bill Paxton

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With strategy weapons and mods no p2p team is unbeatable with f2p toons Funny thing is on attack 5*s r still very effective

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Only one thing f2p can do and that’s keep on surviving


Yeah i saw the pics of Tara on vk with her high attack states and the fact that she’s blue like most f2p attack toons but i missed Camila.

If scopely fixes the new league point milestones in time i should be able to buy all three ascendables on monday.

the game is slowly killing f2p player…they want to git rid of f2p players

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Never forget the names of these brave marines who died because of corporate greed…

Oh wait :thinking:


Want to break the p2p players, them don’t play the way they do. Make the game so boring for them they quit or transfer out.
Take war, they spend tons to win, f2p only war a couple times a day.
Level up, let them get the same rewards other and over, just do what you can.
Sr let them spend, if you just do free energy they have to spend to stay ahead.
Territories, stop trying to hold them if they want diamond they’ll have to make second accounts.
Basically if you want to crush any p2p players do the exact opposite of what is needed for them to be successful, learn to love the suck. Also instead think of coming in anything other than 1st as the real win, change of mindset.

I’ve made a comment in the past highlighting every specialist skill P2W players have and F2P don’t and it was clear as day how the game is moving.
They care so little that us F2P are stuck with leader skill toons who sometimes come with useless AS.
They enjoy giving F2P toons who are clearly made for SR or other little things that players couldn’t give 2 fucks about.
It’s not about making a competitive game. It’s not even about learning from past mistakes (5* era power creep).

It’s just using this game as a guinea pig on how to squeeze money from naive customers.
They’re doing the same as they did in the 5* era , just in a different way, a ‘‘better’’ way. All these little 1,19€ offers shoved in my face proves that. They want you to feel like dishing out coins is the only way to stay relevant lol
I’d rather die as a pure F2P player before throwing them a coin. (never bought anything, not even monthly pass for 2€)
They get my time and thats precious enough.
Hope karma hits them hard on their other games :slight_smile:


Wait a month and buy them on the new RTS token wheel for $1

nothing hurts a whale more than seeing a toon they pay hundreds for be given to a FTP player for $1

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tbh, there are still yet to released FTP toons (hopefully Scopely will hurry up)

U don’t need to spend to have a good team idk why people think that

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yup and free to play is getting some good characters if they work a little for them Solange Princess Bryan etc…

I paid for toons but usually still like to use decal ty and andrea

The biggest thing about doing well f2p is activity gotta grind and farm