The meta and the balance

Is there anyone over there responsible for balancing? Looking at Harper, I get a slight feeling, the toon is a tiny bit over the top.

The balance is completely going down the drain again. Please fix.


Balance has gone out the window entirely. We’re back to the late 5 star era. I’ll be releasing a new balancing thread soon (all the changes needed to balance individual 6 stars to the meta set by the first few 6 stars)


Scopely cares about two things:

  1. Giving their gambling addicts (whales) a shiny new dragon to chase.

  2. Getting new addicts.




dont worry about balance, just buy the new op toon every week and your good for awhile, when 6stars all have 58ap rushes and under and everyone feels raiding is pointless scopely will release 7star toons to fix the meta, to make a 7star they will require a fully leveled 6star, upgrade to 7 will cost a specal piece of gear only given to those who get 1st in crw, our bought in a offer only available for survival club members

the first 7star is going to be the andrea from survival club, to reward those who are dedicated to scopely, and she will come with a 5star weapon that has absolute defense 2 (abs defense+ 5% ap rest of team everytime abs is triggered) . at first 7star stats wont be to bad, only 200ish stat increase from 6stars, but if not enough people using 7stars within the first 3weeks the stats will be boosted by 1000points to encourage players to use them.

to rest our concerns and keep us from quiting over 7star and 5star weapon release, there will be a letter addressed to players full of promises and plans for the future make everyone feel the game is moving in the right direction. plans and promises are subject to change at any given time will be in small fine print at the bottom.

So dont worry about new Overpowered premier characters, just keep surviving untill then.

(long story short history repeats itself)


and they wont sell these 7s. oh no you can only get 7 by ascending a 6*, which we will steadily be releasing over the coming year.

*** 2 weeks latttteeeerrrrrrr *

New promo up with a 7* with a 5* weapon. oh didnt we mention we were planning on selling 7* all along, wait your 6* characters you just spent a years wage on are now useless, Dont worry we will be releasing ascendable versions of them every week, well maybe every 2 weeks as it takes us a long time to do the artwork. Ok it will be 1 every 2 - 3 months cos it takes a long time to do the artwork, just ignore the fact we can do the artwork for 3 diff promos a week thats another story


No such thing as balance in this game, if you expect it, you’re playing the wrong game.


This sounds extremely familiar. Where have I seen this before?

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funy thing is as well they have time to do the artwork for these new 4* and 5* that i seem to keep getting from the prem wheels that ive never seen before, seems like there making new ones to bloat the wheels out

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??? Okay, I won’t. That’s a strangely strong reaction, if I’m honest. Might I ask why?

Your thread would be too powerful for mortals like him

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Balance went to hell when they added 200(ish) to all 6* stats.

Right. The 6* buff was totally unnecessary and threw of the balance between 5* and 6*.
I still think they did that in a rush because the sales weren’t as good as they liked it to be.

What really broke the balance between F2P/mild spenders and whales were mods. And of course the ridiculous power creep.

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