The max amount of crit?


This may sound dumb but what’s the max amount of crit? Is there a certain cap that’s not shown? On my kal should I just use my Lucille with 30 crit or just use my mod with 38 crit chance? Or both? And does crit damage somehow change the rate crit may occur?


If I recall correctly it was recently nerfed to 100.


Nerfed meaning they didn’t want 100 being a guaranteed Crit… So it’s still good but not as good as you want it to be


There is a decreasing marginal returns formula with regards to crit, so having more crit does help, but not as useful as it would have been. Eg: 68 crit could equate to around 45% crit chance, whereas 30 crit could equate to about 25% crit chance. (These are hypothetical numbers to show the point.) Note how after a certain point, 1 crit equates to even less than 1% crit chance.

Also, crit damage has no bearing on crit chance.