The math of the s class road map

It takes 102 torches to complete the s class road map and thats 137 keys. If you were to happen to complete every day it would take 81 days not counting and pulls from the wheel if it comes out. You can’t just keep doing the first act whice equals 24 keys if you did the first stage of act 2 you wouldn’t make it either. if you were to do the first 2 that would be 37 keys and would take 298 days. The first 3 would be 51 keys and take 261 days. The first 4 would be 75 keys and take 147 days. The 5th one would be 105 keys and takes 105 day. Whice of course none of this is counting any pulls you would do. Just thought this would be help full to manage time and torches hope this helps people


Too bad they said they are only running this map for 30 days I think. I don’t think players should get their hopes up for getting s class Pete.


Are the stages in the Premium ones zombies or human? Haven’t done any yet

Mix. Not super hard but not super easy.

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Act I, all zombies
Act II, stage 1 and 4 are zombies rest humans. Watch out for stage 3. It has Priya as a lead.


Connor lead then :+1:

not nightmare, so bring nadessssss

They will make sure grinding doesn’t result in enough items. Same as they have always done.


This is madness!


Could be using different items then. If they intend to keep Pete as always obtainable, we might get a new map after.

Lost investment opportunities (ie new RNG collection model). always generates extra cash and they are experts at exploiting this amongst its customers.

Makes less compulsive people to spend.

The data they have collected over the (years and platforms) have allowed them the systematically target people.

See the people are right it would take 1-2years lmao.