The Makeover challenge

So recently.After a month doing an tapjoy offer I completed it.And got 30k coins

Now my quesion is.Are these coins enough to cha get the up my account and make it really gud.Thats the challenge.Youbguys give me tips and il make sure to update this thread

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Don’t waste too much on pulls. Hold out for the absolute best toon (op s class) and do a 40 or 2. That amount gold is very very nice but it is not a game changer sorry.

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The challenge is always rng

Buying torches seems like bad value; you get usually about 1 torch per 10 coins, so the whole amount would only give you a bit more than 2k collectibles.

Some options:

  • pick a powerful new promo and go all in. That amount of coin should give you 3 1/2 big pulls or so, enough for one guaranteed 5* version, good chances for a second one from pulls, a lot of cards and a chance to high-roll and get the Stoon immediately for a huge huge boost. Downside is that if you don’t get there, you essentially get nothing for a couple of months, until they add the cards to other modes and you have time to collect them, upside is that if it does work you get a very significant advantage
  • do a 100-pull on a repromo where you don’t have both regular versions yet. The 100-pull guarantee means you get the equivalent of 2k cards, 4k even for the Priya coming up. You should also get enough cake to exchange a 500-box or thereabouts, for 3100 (or 5100) shards. Your high-roll would be getting the toon after 40 for decent savings, but you can’t get the Stoon. Downside is that the older promo is not going to be as powerful, generally, upside is that it should immediately be useful
  • wait for really good offers. They recently had one where the equivalent of a big pull gave you 1k Aarav and 1k Guo cards total, so that amount of coin would give you over 6k cards guaranteed. Downside is we don’t know how often they will do them, and whether the cards will be helpful to you - if you can find a use for both it seems very decent, otherwise it’s probably very bad value.

Which of the two is better depends on your current pocket of the meta, and your appetite for risk - you want a chance at dominating (or keeping up with high-level play, maybe) for a bit, go for 1, you want something solid go for 2. Both variants should leave you with a fair amount of coins, which you can use toward a decent offer, to smooth things out in events, or to help you save to do it again.


Hmmm this is pretty good material…thx…not sure what to do…

Do 30s basic tokens :wink:

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Yeah, it can be difficult to work out. Personally, I’m going for option 2, but I have a low appetite for risk with my coins, and the gains from a single OP toon are not that huge in my position.

Forgot to add: the box where you get collectibles for four different toons in random amounts for lots of coin (7500+) seems like terrible value. Even is the expected value seems acceptable (like the current one, expected 400 for Hengy, Raulito, Aarav, Guo each for 9999 coin, significantly more expensive than the Aarav/Guo combo offer but still 3.2k expected for ~20k coins, roughly similar to the aove) it’s high variance (you can low-roll and only get 400 in total) and very spread out so the immediate benefit is going to be very low. Avoid this one, and the one that has 4k as the top amount is even worse.


Oh, and another strategy:

  • Put the coins toward placing well in events. This obviously depends on how competitive your region is. But my guess would be that proper preparation and a few coins can upgrade a top 50 into top 3 or even a win in many regions; getting top 10 in most levelups will add hundreds of collectibles every week (and give you access to other resources). It will take a seriously long time to pay off in relevant amounts (unless you can win the event outright), but (again, depending on your region) has the chance to pay out more than the others.

This is what I was thinking.My region isnt the most competitive out there atm so I could get a good amount of colections

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