The List That Keeps Growing

I’m sorry…

I’ve tried so hard to be positive and uplifting, to encourage folks to stay strong and keep going…

But, I have no fire left, no light to shine on anyone…

No hope.

I am bereft and I am truly sorry it has come to this; Not only for Us, the once hopeful masses, but for Scopely, the ones who are dangling the rotten carrot that promises a better game we all know will never come.

The “xfer waves” are a joke, a blatant insult to our intelligence & dedication. A shameful ploy to heard us like sheep. We deserve better & Scopely KNOWS it.

I’d like to say we can keep up the fight, but the odds aren’t in our favor.

They never were.



What is wrong with a company that doesn’t let its customers speak its mind. Let alone listen to them


Thanks jack

rofl CAD comics <3

what is wrong with the players who thought they would listen

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im just here until they close this, every post is getting closed today


Definitely looks that way.

Forum secret police are working overtime. :rofl:

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The person is not a secret. LG.


Did you get the attention you were looking for?


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Still so many names I’ve seen say goodbye that haven’t sent their details to you. The list is much longer.


I always look at this trheads…Looking for a lost freind of mine…DP You still out there?

yes she is steve.

Tell her I miss her man

I could add fuggin loads to this list @Kuntar

In Coweta in the last month or 2 Bitchnuts have lost - Darkwing Buck, King Kush, Priceless, Hiro is also retiring and Plemou has gone 2. All prestige 11 and above. All great dudes left because of the bs.

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Sucks to see another Vet leave :persevere:

I wish I could’ve gotten all the names of the players who quit from my region for your list, bc there were a TON!!

After 6* launched, we lost 3 factions worth of players right after. No joke our #1, #2 & #3 ranked factions just disappeared. It was insane!! Not to mention all the other players who quit bc their rosters they spent thousands of dollars on were devalued and rendered useless overnight. Like myself. That’s when I Stopped Spending was after a roster I spend close to 15k on was useless.

Kind of like what these moronic Blumpkins are doing again with Shite Class and Veteran Rings now.

When will they wake tf up is the real question.

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have you quit…asking for a friend.

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Your friend is welcome to address Me if they’re so curious. :kissing_heart: