The level up point of the scavenger mission "Lucky" was lost


The level up point of the scavenger mission “Lucky” was lost. Support does nothing as usual. Please fill in the points.


Did your toons not get any experience added or you didn’t get points towards the level up tourament for the levels you gained?


Was the mission successful?


The mission was successful

I gained experience(100k XP)
Level up points were lost(500k point)


Support said error check, but can not compensate

I have experienced this error several times

Support always the same reply


The same thing happened to me!!!



I’ve a similar issue before, woke up in the morning 4/5 hours after a lvl up started & collected a YGL mission, but as I did it before the ‘new tournament’ message flashed up it didn’t apply the points to my total.


Why would a cash my YGL in nearly 26 minutes AFTER a tournament!!! They cheated me AND have STOLEN my coins from me. By the end of this day I’ll seek restitution from Google Play and I’ll officially be done with Road to Survival. I’ll put up with a lot but I will NOT be stolen from. They shorted me 1 million points


Not the same @Galaxy42… I was watching the tournament counter so I could cash it in a few mins before the end. There was a battle for top 3


I was replying to the OP


I’m absolutely sure you’re right, but since those coins are a recent purchase I’ll get them refunded and uninstall this game. People need to stop letting this game steal from them. For me it stops right now.


Same exact thing happened to me on Monday


I’ve only ever requested a refund once & my credit was returned within a couple of hours.

Don’t agree with people requesting refunds all the time to cheat the system, but when warranted they seem pretty on point imo.


So annoying, only made that mistake once. You’d think the system would register any character XP raised while the event was active.




@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @LadyGeek @Andrea_Scopely

Don’t know whom else to tag. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on this game. I don’t want to have to quit playing, but if I don’t this will happen again. I spent a very long time accruing those resources and the daunting task of building it back up to try again is too much… Especially because I know that if it happened this time it will happen again. This really took the wind out of my sails. I was back to enjoying the game again and buying coins and offers after my recent region transfer… But I have a rule. Never give anyone a chance to steal from you twice. I’ve lost friends over this, so a mobile video game is not that difficult. I feel as though I’m being backed into a corner here. Thank you, RTS Community for always watching each others backs and being helpful on this forum. I fear that I cannot go any further with you though… I wish you good luck and godspeed. My watch has ended.


My time and money were stolen with Scopely’s bug and neglect of support
We only say that support can not be dealt with
My motivation disappeared


I don’t know why I’m about to say this, but here it goes… I cannot believe this can’t get any traction. All the people tagged have seen this post. It’s pretty hurtful to know that we are so unappreciated as customers that we are ignored so easily. That is the worst part of this entire experience and makes my decision to quit much easier. You’d never be treated this way if this company had to look you in the eye. A sad day indeed


The words “flaggêd” and “båññed” are not acceptable words on this site apparently? Lol