The Legacy Ascendable Release Rate And New Ascendable Released Are Disgusting


Hello, Scopely and Players of this game…

Today I am throwing my hat in on something that I have found horribly annoying, the legacy Ascendable rate

Scopely’s release rate with the legacy Ascendable is just disgusting and greedy, it also completely says to the players that they do not matter at all, in my opinion…

Now, to the new Ascendables…

These are disgusting too, seeing another new Red Sandy 5 star made just for a new promo is disgusting, seeing this new Glenn is horrifying, we have like 5 existing 5 star Glenns… Not to mention that a new Blue Morgan that will probably just be a new promo instead of being legacy… All around it just feels like a spit in the players face and it’s disgusting, anyways, let me hear your guys thoughts on this…


Dude, we’re all pissed at the rate of new legacy toons.


And JB completely ignored the issue too


None of those 5* were fast

2 green 2 red 1 blue 0 yellow


There has already been a post about this lol. No need to make another one


He hasn’t completely ignored the issue. He has commented on it. Though the answer was not satisfying

But this is really becoming ridiculous. Its close to 40 days now since the last legacy toon was released.


You know how we get more legacy toons? When we stop buying every new premier and instead spend money when an ascendable toon has a stash.

They go where the money is and right now my guess is that it’s spent on brand-spanking new op premiere recruits and not legacy stashes.


People keep shouting about legacy vs. premier toons, and completely ignore all the event/log-in toons. It’s not like they aren’t putting out new toons that are free to everyone still just because they aren’t on one specfic list. Would it be better to stop getting toons like javi, abe, 2 lee, and eugene from grinding?


But the daily login and event toons usually suck compared to P2P, plus it takes more effort, why not just make a rare legacy epic a daily login reward so people who had that toon benefit and new players benefit too?


Lol… so you want a free toon, and not do any work also? That is on par with a premier? :joy::joy::joy:


Uh, what?


That’s what you just said here.


By more effort I mean it takes scopely time to draw up an extra new useless epic toon


If every player has that mindset then there’s no need for Scopely to put out any more legacy 6*s at all


They better dish out at least 3 legacy ascendables at once for all this wait.


Yes actually. It would be better to make those free toons ascendable from ones that already exist.


No what needs to happen is the stop completely with all the premiere toons and start to focus on putting more Legacy tunes out or at least do a ratio 2 to 1


The last batch of toon pics that were leeked only had 6* Andrea in it as a legacy.
So it’s no wonder they aren’t releasing any, it’s just her lol
At this point am I suppose to believe we’re going to have fairy zeke, drop zeke, SR zeke & kirman zeke all ascended? same for morgan? and so on? I highly doubt it with new premiers coming.
My reaction to JB’s response


Yeah, I wish JB would actually properly address issues.


OK, Duane would be next