The leeague store


Can we add more useful things such as 6 star medals 5 star trainers Ar trainers etc?


exactly i wanted to make a post about it also lol…we should have those items in the store even if those were over priced like everything else.

Make it possible @JB.Scopely


We now have T4 gear and new characters to buy… nothing is ever good enough, everyone always has to complain


Silver medals would be great!!


Called feedback, and I wouldn’t call this complaining.


yeh this feedback nit complaing we want medals too there.


Calm down. This is not complaining. It’s a suggestion.


how are you going to make 6 stars if u ran out of 6 star medals wake up as others said we need them things remove two crap mod boxes and put them their


My feedback is leave the mods in.


There is a map every week for those medals


keep gold ones in yes take other 2 out


Nah, my feedback is leave all the mod boxes in


There is a map for this every week


The assault depot and the elite items token have those things in them. May RNGesus be in your favor


a lootbox of legenday medals?


would like to see 1000 under where 5 stars is


I now that, but it’s not enough


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