The leagues, the anni event


Really hoping we don’t gotta wait for s1 to end in like 70 days to get more prizes, cause honestly for the highly cross region competitive scene there’s not much reason to clamor for more mid tier prizes is there even a point to being diamond besides a few more measly points anyways? Also how come the candles and cake event ended but theres still half the event is that it, is the 3 year event just a 30 day event and a 60 day wheel lol


Because it time for a farewell telltale event


Be cool to get another basic toon both mechanic wise and lookwise


Diamonds is disappointing man. Only half the coins of seeding and u don’t even get enough league tokens to buy a gps/canteen. The seeding got my expectations up but now leagues are looking kinda lame.


Same honestly the prizes are lameville I fought tooth and whale get it like tooth and nail to get to diamond for almost 0 reason


But… on another note, if u think diamond rewards are lame rip to the peeps in lower leagues. The top of gold can fight a whole week and have about half a gold mod


Yea i got like 1200 gold for ending in my seed and getting promoted to platinum, and i see now that the prize is like 600 something? So you get promoted to a higher, harder, tier (vs other competitors as active as me) to get less gold? How does that make sense


Just super annoyed at league store they half ass anything they do with rewards, make them good so we can see that top level spark


Still better than sr depot there is 0 ascends in there and 2 crap weapons


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