The last time we saw problems like this


The last time war was this bad, we got a player first promise, a letter from our gm and war was ‘worked on’ for close to two months. So what’s the next move? Status quo or another overhaul? This started with a top prize being pulled bc of an animation glitch. If that was the only issue, I think we could have lived with it, but this has snowballed fast and now Scopelys left the building for the weekend with the knowledge war was already not working properly. If thats not the true litmus test of how dedicated ythey are to their product and to their player base, I don’t know what is. This is not a slam Scopely post, it’s a massively frustrated player who is not only venting mine but sentiments of many others as well. Many are wondering where does this go from here?


Can’t begin to tell you how pissed we are. All those money and time spent in the game, we got slapped in the face over and over again. Only if it’s easy to quit all your friends in the game and delete it once for all.


All we can do atm is wait for an official response. It’s obvious that they have some problems running the game this weekend and acknowledged it, we let them know already. Let’s stay positive and wait untill our troubles are addressed by liveops


I do agree with you that there’s nothing that can be done now for the weekend, last night Shane had been notified that matchmaking was off and others were experiencing bugs. Nothing was done and obviously no one is working on them now. That’s frustrating and I don’t think many have the faith in Liveops to do anything quickly or competently. Scopely shut the door and shut off the lights for the weekend. Monday they’ll return and act as if nothing happened, bc their data told them it ran perfect and they’ll sweep it under the rug.


It’s just not easy to leave the game once you meet and connect with new people. :disappointed: it’s gonna be a dreadful day leaving the team, but it’s also dreadful that my console friends want me to come on too. I’m so messed up man. I play this more than my gaming system. Ugh…


I did too, for the longest time but I’m starting to move away from this game. Faction members and I are actively looking for a new game to all move to together.


Same here


Potential the worse part of all of this is how scopely will respond. Other online games would give a sincere apology, a massive gift, and then fix it the issue.

However, instead of us getting 6 star gear, trainers, 1k coins, or anything like that, we will be told the issues are being worked on by the team…


Damn, how did you all convince each other to move to a different game? Yall the real mvp. Not sure if I have what it takes to do the same. If y’all want a cool game to play, download Brave Frontier. I used to play it, but might go back after getting through with this game. It’s really fun and it has awesome characters and story. All characters are called units and anime characters and monsters. Lots of new content since I’ve been gone. You’ll be playing for hours with this. Downfall is it probably still does have chat box to talk to people.


Guns of Boom!


Lol most we have been holding on too, a bit selfishly pleading with them to hang on while we wait for changes but I’m not going to ask them anymore. As you can see, most are already a foot out the door. We’ll give it a look, appreciate the suggestion :). There’s a few games coming out soon with gameplay like this. Hopefully they can live up to the potential.