The landmarks of the league are broken!

Again, somewhere not screwed up there? Last season, everything was exactly!


Yes that’s nice. But did you see Harper? Don’t forget to do a couple of 40 pulls and while your there pick up a couple of gear deals on the way out.

Keep surviving! :smirk:


Thanks for flagging this @Bab-Yagun

There is a known issue, currently worked on, where the solo league trophies do not match the figure displayed in the Leaderboard or in the Milestone screen.
Note that the amount displayed in your Player Profile prevails.

The New League related missions introduced with the latest game update, 18.0.2, do not retroactively trigger as intended.
Example: you finish the Season 1 in platinum, and the missions prompting you to reach either Silver or Gold would not be completed.

We’re aware and working on both of those issues. For the missions, we’re targeting the next season to have them automatically completed.


Thanks for the answer, but my problem is the inconsistency in the number of league points. I earned one amount, but it is not displayed in the landmarks. It is not accrued points for winning the raid tournament.

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I kinda had this same issue from end of last season… have lost almost 100k trophies over 2 weeks cos of this issue. And all I get from support is that they are looking into. Well I lost out on season 1 milestones and them looking into doesn’t help me or compensate me for the last 2 stretches of season 1

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Mine is way off too, hopefully they fix this ASAP

I’m about 10k off on the milestones too, well spotted, hope they sort it out

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No worries…we’re doomed.


Uploading: IMG_1494.PNG… Uploading: IMG_1495.PNG…

They’re all messed up faction trophies/milestones all of em. Take pics everyone. For ur records. This impacts our ability to acrue tokens so it only helps their bottom line, more grinding for nothing. Meaning it won’t get fixed anytime soon. He already said some bs about hopefully having it fixed for season 3 LMFAO. Thanks scopes (NOT)

JB did answer this:

Yes, I initially did not quite translate correctly, now I see that the answer has been received. Thank!

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All Buggery bug bugged -_-

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