The Joke that is the state of your game right now

After the much sought after Players UTD revolt, a lot of promises were made to us the players including a whopping 1250 coins (Which was rewarded on the seemingly most unlckiest of all times to pull on the TYE event)

We are looking at this game and wondering where is it going from here?


Still a joke, you are losing players and more importantly Factions with the jump from 8 regions to 15/16 as it is currently in …

Factions that were getting 15/30th place rankings are now fighting for 60/120th place with as little as 100 war tokens … They are no longer fighting in war for this very reason

War tokens

This wheel and a few that has come before it is a joke, from start EVERY player who has played since 2015-2018 commented on how bad it is … free toons previously released in an 80 day wheel? GTFO


Im not even in this competition, i avoided it knowing nothing new/interesting or rewarding would come from it … i was right … people actually wanting to buy keys to jump out of these regions is very telling of how they see your Blazing Hot Rewards

Beach Museum Collection

Whilst you had kind of the right idea the execution was so bad that people werent even bothering anymore. I had won 4/5 events at 5 pulls each and was treated to 100 beach balls etc the very lowest whilst seeing people do nothing in a level up and get 10k sombreros etc … This is NOT the WAY FORWARD anymore, you lose the most competitive players this way TRUST ME


Where was this roadmap on the last week … the most important week for it to be released. many players would be coming to the end and wanting to play the map for the last chance of getting more items for the toons BUT as you can see in the offers and shops listing, you had those bases covered …and nobody was buying

Legacy Ascendables current Meta reduction

After the failures of Jackson & Sawyer, players were hoping the #PU movement would see a more lucrative push for these legacies to be amped up to help fight the good fight.

What made Jackson bad was he could have been the FTP huge bonus to attacking for Melee toons the players needed but you went beyond the gut punch to make him a very large bonus to attack, something NO 6* has, and made very aware that you were pushing back on these toons for the exact reason … by taking away that one small part you didnt even add anything to the rush or speciality, which is very telling to a lot of knowledgeable players in the game.
Sawyer was also the same as his weapon was only modified a slight touch and heal reduction added to his rush but was clearly a gen 1 capable toon and should have been released back in 2018.

Now with Romanov, the same thing has been applied, you have a flame based fighter and have removed his burn capability from his rush, and added it to his special, clearly not to add that little extra firepower to a decap as burn is still only countered with mackenzie and governor and maybe a few others but is not widely seen upon.

RNG odds Still bad BUT has become worse due to these teddies collections etc
After doing a few (160) pulls for Tye, i ended up with no ascendables and under half way through for Tye, thats 4 Mega Pulls … the idea to spend actual money on this game is to improve your current roster and your overall gaming experience … Doing this DOES NOT do that.


Now this might sound like a broken record BUT everything in my core is pushing towards this notion that lucky accounts will always be lucky and unlucky ones will always be unlucky

To the point where i talk to people who are on the unlucky side of their accounts who actually think getting the promo toon the secont time around and within 200 pulls is lucky … spoiler its not!!!

But whats more telling, is the fact that with the skull tokens and recently the supreme crates with 20k and lots of bendicts, the same “lucky” players were pulling the 20k very easily and in alot of cases were getting it twice and again in a few cases some got it 3 times … Yet players such as myself opened more than 300 supreme crates on accounts and got 0 coins … skull tokens, opens more than most and gets 400 coins once as the maximum amount whereas the same lucky players got 16,500 within their first 3 pulls … again the same people who pull promos on 10 pulls or first 40 pull … This is more evident when you bring out such events that shows a players contribution to their promo pulls. You kind of dropped the ball there Scopes

In short, I dont doubt for a second all these promises are empty just for the fact that you want players to stay back, hold on, carry on spending because they anticipate things to get better and dont want to be held too far back by not going for the odds BUT i do not think you have players interests at heart, more so i think you are holding off doing anything worthwhile but promising such and then have a large chunk of the player base walk out in frustration thus meaning you can close this server down and worry about your other IPs



Эти высказывания в адрес Scopely ничего не даёт, сколько было жалоб 20? 70? 2000?
Они прочли твоё сообщение и всё, менять что то они не собираются к сожалению, у вас не получится разбудить в них совесть, заставить их одуматься. Даже движение #PlayersUnited ничего не даёт


I totally agree, nothing will change, they are in it to make money, if we dont make them money they will stop the game and move on, simples


Nailed it THANK YOU :clap::clap::clap::clap: This is exactly how I feel too. It perfectly sums up what’s going on right now.

And this ^^^^ is Exactly what I’ve been saying this ever since Mods came out. What solidified for me was a reply from a dev to a post about asking about this very issue. And that dev has been MIA from the forum ever since it slipped It’s all A¢¢ount ¢ode dependent


I’m out after the ToC dumpster fire ends, only holding on for now to not let friends down with the issues recruiting with locked down regions.

Ead Scipely.

I’ll spend my free time and spare money with a company that give a fck, the inaction on certain issues last week and lack of response enough for me

@Clemo81 nails the community feeling of a large majority of us.

I wish #pu all the success but believe it will fall on deaf ears


Их слабое место это кошелёк, просто писать #PlayersUnited, для них это простой набор букв которые им ничего не сделает, надо действовать но как?

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RNG - a colossal hoax! How can “RNG” (random) give one player from 4x40 5 Negan, and the second from 4x40 all 4*???.. This is not an accident, but a pattern…
All this nonsense Scopely that they do not want to change… :face_vomiting::rage:


I quit playing a few months ago now and downloaded it yesterday to see what it was like now. Basically the same shitshow it has always been sprinkled with some reheated promises. Nothing to entice me to play again, buy a monthly pass or SC or to enjoy the game.


В суд на них подать надо.
Ну или по крайней мере подать жалобу на приложение в Appstore/Google Play.


Just spot on Clemo 100% I’m in the same boat🤗


Well said friend. I never get anything from any pool so simply I stopped my monthly pass and just waiting for a few months to see if anything will change. I also stopped spending gold and caring about events since they all give nothing without paying real money. Also I am out of ascendable toons and sooner or later I won’t have anything to lvl up during lvl up events.
I have a deep feeling that the game has finished its cycle, the devs probably know it, we the players start to feel it. Whatever the devs are doing is with one purpose in mind. To gain as much money in the short term as possible. In the long term everything is happening now in the game seems catastrophic so there can’t be any other explanation. They try to gain whatever they can before they abandon this game


Absolutely agree… :+1:
By this “Player Counsel Application” they just stretch the time… :face_with_monocle:


Another token event with barely a chance at a toon. Didn’t get any from the beach ball event. Also agree war tokens suck have no pull after 3 wars because stupid low amount of tokens being given out is well hard to place good in crw. So glad to not waste money on this game these days :slight_smile:



I completely agree.
Preach brother

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Thanks for taking the time to write out that well thought out post. Could not agree more. I am at over 1100 days log in and that will be broke very soon, I think.

Used to be if you did not get the toon from the event people could say, “Well you had your chance, you just did not grind hard enough,” and mostly they were right. Anymore, There are so many levels of RNG and pay barriers that it is close to impossible to get anywhere. Add to that the almost unchecked hacking, cheating, and advantage taking of long standing glitches and an honest player really stands no chance.

I am almost hoping they shut it down so we can all just walk away, but I don’t think they will. People will continue to throw money into the dumpster fire.


If the recent release of Romanov not enough of a tale tale sign that they could care less about ftp then idk what is . Get over it and uninstall this game ! Nothing will change and they will keep pushing op promos every week


Pretty much my feeling.

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That’s a feeling many have. Hopefully it’s proven wrong.

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Hopefully when they do abandon it a competent company will step in and do this game justice.
It has so much potential,but is being run into the ground by one of the worst gaming companies I have ever come across