The Jacki Conundrum

As far as I am aware, Jacki is the only S class that gets no upgrade on her 6star aside from stats. AR remains the same, AS remains the same, Lead remains the same, Weapon remains the same.
Jacki has an excellent lead and I sometimes use her when an attack or Mercer lead isn’t doing the job in wars and teams built around her approach the problem from a different direction and quite often win where the other leads couldn’t (not in general day to day just specific defences found in War). However this means I’m using her for her lead and pretty much nothing else and am struggling to see the benefit in investing the card, food and trainer resources to S class her to a point where it will really make a difference (I have a rock solid defence so don’t need her as a def lead).

I have 1 6 star Jacki and 2925 Jacki cards. I also have lots and lots of boxes with Jacki cards, there are also over a thousand Jacki cards available in the Battle Pass milestones. The problem is that selecting her clashes with selecting Rick, Alpha or Storm cards every time, the only time where she doesn’t clash in a box with a character I like the look of is Clem. I am a good way into getting S class Rick but haven’t started the other two.

5 star Jacki is still an excellent lead and so I could go with a 5 star and 6 star version and just write off the 925 extra cards and not follow good ‘money’ after bad, I could also mod 6star Jacki well and craft her weapon so she basically has an S class defence and/or hp. It just feels odd to stop collecting towards a character half way through to focus elsewhere.

Whilst writing this I’ve almost convinced myself to move away from her collection. Is there a point in S class Jacki? Should I still try and pick her up?


I would she very good and with axel coming out I can see her being used a lot more in the future which will also make michonne more viable


True, Axel will stop Mercer defences dead. But when I get Axel I intend to put confuse resists on all my toons in his team since there would be no need for impair or stun resists… wouldn’t others do the same?

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Nah taunts more beneficial if that mercer team is to run princess


I went the whole way with Jackie, I believe in the old idiom “If it’s not S Class - its Craaaap”

Yes all that happens is she gets a stat boost, everything else stays the same. But would you not kick yourself if you put all those resources into making the perfect weapon, throwing a whole heap of rings at her six star, just to find that some new yet to be released toon, just one shots her, before she can fire off her sweet rush?

I have mine, so I dont have to worry, mine is future proofed to an extent, I say plow on, and finish the job.


Aye true, I meant to say confuse and taunt resist, then they are resistant to most of the control in the game. Well cheers for the replies guys, Ive got a lot to think on.

Ive had the 6* Jacki for ages and recently upgraded to S class. Not that much difference to be honest. The 6* can be super tanky and basically do the same as S class.


I’ve been collecting Rick and keep wondering if I should divert to get her, so keen to read this thread. Think I’ll get a 6* for an alt attack lead when Mercer stops being useful and then continue to take cards when she doesn’t clash with Rick or Trader

I wouldn’t divert from Rick to Jacki imo. Rick has command and that beautiful 8%. Pus his AR is quite nice support. And he has AS revive.

6 star is good. I just can’t bring myself to drop 50k tokens on a 6 star when I’m halfway to the S class

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Im thinking the same. I’d much rather spend those tokens on another toon rather than just get a few extra stats for Jacki, but I do want to see if others think it’s worth it.

Only worth to get Jacki if want a solid defense with her lead since her S version is better for the higher stats, but honestly if you only use Jacki for attack you could grind for another toon.

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I’m only 250 cards away as I haven’t given in to the temptation :grin:

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Not much of a conundrum… I plan to keep Jacki at 6* while I focus on other S-class as her purpose does not rely on her stats. (Just like how I currently use Harper).

There are a few S-class that work just as good or even better as 5s/6s, such as Minerva and Mr. Liu. (Mr. Liu works better because it’s easier to obtain multiple 6* Mr. Lius than it is to obtain 2 S-class.)


Holy crap that’s lazy! Just looked - 4 6star Mr Liu will give the same bleed as 4 Sclass Mr Liu. Thanks for bringing that up! 8000 Liu cards and you’re doing 6000 bleed a turn for 3 turns. Against any defence thats not Mercer that’s insane and against Mercer you just delay for a turn.

Thats game in 2 turns against any toon without 12001 hp or without high hp (but lower than 12001) and some form of early heal.

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RIP… I used my saved up coins for an 80 pull (I almost had enough coins for a 100 pull, but to no avail) and didn’t get a single Mr. Liu pull :confused:

But also, I wouldn’t use 4 Mr. Lius… All it takes is 1 Mercer, Arrav, or Pete active to ruin the strategy…

I was thinking 3 Mr. Lius with Jacki/Angel lead, with Roadie/Princess perhaps… Jacki/Angel will prevent any turn 1 actives with confuse/daze on turn 1, Roadie/Princess is there to control the enemy to prevent any healing/cure actives.

Mr Liu works well because his weapon gives him massive tanking ability vs S-class basic attacks, but he’s also not super tanky so that enemy’s AR will trigger payback. His active will give him enough healing vs any Mateo/Trader infection, and even if Trader resists the bleed actives multiple times, he’s sure to land a bleed somewhere along the line either with his AR or active.


Jackie when she 1st came out, she was my great investment, I had save about 23k for months and I did her 100 pulls only to get 1 guaranty Jackie and 1800 cards… not even enough for the 2nd one.
And its true she is mix with other good and more recently characters cards,making hard to complete anything…so I’m in that situation too she was my great investment and I haven’t used her that much my *6 version. And also true there’s no changes on her Sclass abilities only status, so I feel stuck in the middle with her,I do have enough for her Sclass but for what??? I rather go for Dylan, trader,rick or alfa cards than complete her collection to sit on my roster…

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I think you just need to tank the 6 star out you should be good.

realistically you would only use her for her leaderskill…

Can still make turn 1 defences and counter her self or mercer ect as a 6 star.

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She is a great characters but I have no use for her right now, maybe when I have better characters to surround her.

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