The influx of shield revives

Wow scopely you guys have really screwed this game with these new toons … it’s like every single match every player has them now … sad


Use Yellow Kate / Yvette against shields and Blue Ty/ Green Alpha against toons that can be revived - problem solved. :smiley:



All shield and revives make this game a dull boy.


Get gud

Get good or spend one or the other uh scopleymotto keep spending

Add another revive in two months lol. Game really is a drag. They realeased way too many shields and revives at the same time. Idk how much better rosters can get. 7 stars should be coming soon.

I agree and when that ha[pens I’m done

I got lucky and single pulled Wayland or it would be a pain. I kind of wish ap gain worked like ap on defense so the timeout teams with zero damage would lose their luster.

Ah I knew you were cool. Good reference

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Shield revives aren’t that scary. It’s like that mini game in Street Fighter where you destroy the sports car. It doesn’t fight back or anything, you just have to beat it up before time runs out.


Sports car abuse it can’t fight back lol

Needs be fucking fix whats ponit fighting a wall? Game starting piss me off

It’s a challenge. Some people are proud when they knock down walls

Especially when those walls are very, very expensive…


In the 5* era with over 200 or so 5* I think there may have been less than 15 shields and revives. ( Nos here are an estimate and have not been verified) but with just about 110 6* we already seem to be equal to this number. No wonder everyone out there seems to have them.

It’s also based so much on luck. People kept pulling shields and revives in the past tokens wheels but some people like me only pulled dupe crap like governor or zeke. So basically I never pulled any shield or revive from any of those wheels. Kinda sucks

I think we need a shield revive combo toon… that should fix it ( only suggest scopley will see )

I totally agree. It’s gotten to the point where a Maxed 6* team with free characters MOST of the time, will die before ever beating the shield. With weapons adding hp/def and mods adding hp/def, and either stun/impair/abs0, these shields are massive tanks. Add on top of that pair them with revive/heal/heal for extra hp, and they are unstoppable. Unstoppable unless you have some premium characters, which if your free to play, 99% chance you don’t.

Basically the best part of the game, which was war and raids has become a waste of time. Literally it has become a timeout game. They need to tweak characters back to having attack greater than def.

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One of the greatest movies of all time and what an outstanding performance by Jack. I couldn’t possibly think of anyone better suited to the role.

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To be fair, mine isn’t free either.

But many people’s Carl’s were

The weapons and mods on that team were also free though.

If I can win with that team, I’m betting you can too


I agree with you

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