The inevitable war complaint thread

I mean it always happens so i may as well get the ball rolling and complain that war sucks , match up is unfair, prizes are crappy, i got ripped off, my feet hurt, blah blah blah…

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Good job on getting in on ground zero lol and my feet hurt? No, but i swear i am getting carpal tunnel

Well the loser bracket toc is already over… I bet you can guess who won.

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The loser bracket regions are already eliminated and their sole purpose is to see which region will be ib the finals for fillers only.

They are only there so the remaining regions who are still in can match quick.

16 teams remain and 8 will remain after this weekend

Not true

Changing the rules of a tournament is illegal so yea I’m right. You can’t just a add losers bracket because your golden child of ap lost.

Rules are rules. Losers bracket are playing for be fillers in the finals but they do receive benefits for participating in the bracket in increased milestones.

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