The impossible just happened

Or so we were told. Apparently it wasn’t possible to change a characters stats at short notice, but here we are. Jessie being buffed isn’t a problem. Jessie being strong isn’t a problem. The problem is that seeing no one was going to pull for her they cranked the abilities within hours.

Scopely faith is at an all time low and now you prove what people have suspected all along. That instead of characters being designed and not being able to modify them that you can, just choose not to. The F2P toons coming out are not good enough and now we just have to assume that it’s completely intentional. You could safely buff old characters to slightly below current meta and fix the game overnight. Another thing you could do overnight seems to be make a brand new legacy but instead release one every month or so.

This game is near death and you can’t help give it an extra shove.



They’ve nerfed and buffed toons before. I seem to remember some changes happening even faster. Hell, they buffed every 6* soon after they introduced…that was a fun war… No way could they convince me it’s difficult to change just one. If it were somehow costing them money, they could do it in minutes i bet.


The game is dying. Have you seen the item awards at the anniversary stash? Ridiculous prizes… I am starting to think that scopely is trolling us and perhaps wishes that the most active ftp players abandon game.
Eitherway their every action points to the way that the game is very near to its end and they try to gain whatever they can before this happen.
Our roadmap team are spammed with ptp missions, the museum collections the same.
There is no one single action from scopely that is showing any intention to bring the game into balance concerning the gap between ftp and ptw.
At the start of this I lost my appetite to buy my monthly coin pass and various small offers (5-15euro), now I lost interest at participating in lvl up events since I don’t have anything to lvl up. Also in war I score less than half I used to score. And scopely is simply trolling us with their actions. Pity, it was a nice game. I did lots of virtual friends from playing all these years


maybe the game is so poorly designed that each region is in a really expensive sever
so as the player base decreases they ain’t getting the return
so they think, let’s get rid of f2p and we will get a higher return per player, reduce the region’s to one, and just have whales battle 24/7, meaning less prizes and more coins


:poop::poop::poop: promises from @GR.Scopely


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