The $igns Are Telling

There is a website called that keeps track of revenue of developers. It is only limited to letting you view revenue from iPhone for a current 30-day rolling average unless you pay for a subscription, but it gives you a good idea of player spending.

Several months ago, TWD:RTS was generating an average of $80k or more in daily revenue. In recent months, that average has dwindled to roughly $60k, with lows dipping to mid-40s.

Not only that, but daily revenue from all 4 of their active games are down. Their total daily revenue several months ago averaged above $300k, while recent months have shown an average in the very low $200’s, with a low of $177k.

I think this is very telling of how Scopely is doing as a company and you better believe they will be doing anything out of desperation to get that revenue back up. So just be weary and try to not to fall into any traps they set as far as enticing offers and whatnot. I’m almost positive that’s why they released ascended Jeremiah straight up for $100.


Would be nice if you drew some comparisons of the promo sales/events back then compared to now. Because much of the purchases aren’t commodities or essentials, sales can also fluctuate based on if there’s something players can spend on in addition to whether they want to spend.

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177k per day is still a good business, only a nutter would throw that away. Especially when you consider the products they are selling do not technically cost anything for them to buy “pixels” other than staffing and server costs (most business if not all have these anyway)

With lower revenue you have to retrench some costs - staff will be leaving. Maybe some reading this.

I’m not saying $177k isn’t good. I simply don’t know and neither do you. I do know there are more costs than just staff and servers. You also have other overhead, franchise fees, etc. We don’t know what their expenses are to make that call.

I am really just showing how their revenue is trending downward significantly, likely due to their customer base across all games not being happy. That is something that should really be an alarm for a company that something is not right.


And yet …

The simple games are doing well.

There credibility is going down the toilet.

I think the revenue drops show something else: that their resources have gone elsewhere.

Maybe their current live games are all burdens and so their energy has gone solely to the new card and dice games, yet to be launched.

Where are all the great new staff we’ve been told about? Not working on our game, that’s for sure.

Went long ago, thank dudes with weird letters that keep the numbers flowing. Aldo some latin alphabet users have problem comprehanding words these days

Apprantly they all left when they heard of the sunsetting of Walking Dead.
What’s the point of working on something or working for someone with no ambition and no commitment to effort.