The idea to improve the tournament " Faction Onslaught"

Hello! Why not improve the tournament on the basis of the UEFA Champions League. Split factions into groups and create a tournament grid. Factions that come out of the group get to play-off and fight for the title of champion. Factions not released from the group receive consolation prizes and prepare for a new onslaught. Then the tournament will make sense and players will be interested in participating in it. At the same time it will dilute a series of infinite tournaments of increase of level. Thank you for your attention! With respect Kartograf!


Some factions are structurally against being successful in onslaught, in mine’s case because we’re spread over the globe there’s never usually a winning amount on. We’d constantly just keep getting knocked out first round here, I like the low pressure stakes of onslaught as it is already

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Battles will take place between factions of the same League. And the fact that players live in different time zones is not a problem. Once every two weeks you can get together and participate. We ourselves have the same problem with the attack. We just need to diversify the tournaments. The main thing is to develop the idea)

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Prizes and milestones. All that’s needed in my opinion

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Prizes and milestones is something that everyone needs. But to create the effect of competition. Simple fights are boring.

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Well it’s called onslaught, monotony is inferred lol. Regardless, it’s a faction weekday tourney, simple fights are preferable where you can move at your own pace. Blitzes are the most a weekday tourney should require in my opinion.

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So I propose to make a similar onslaught on Blitz war. Even as the war involved 6-10 people. Remove the time limit. Who quickly kill the opponent wins. But at the same time to introduce a tournament grid. And enter prizes for the top places.

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Has to be a time limit, presuming you can’t defeat a team? Plus how do you organise the next round if some factions aren’t ready? Plus ‘prizes for top places’ doesn’t appear to fix the current problem of lack of prizes for everyone. Flaws aside, if this tourney structure was to be adopted, it ought not to replace onslaught.

Ya let’s take the most boring part of RTS and combine it with the most boring sport and that’s not going to be boring? :sleeping: :zzz:

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Most boring sport is golf. How about we add that instead?

So lowest score wins? Hehe could you imagine the mayhem. Or actual lack of mayhem as nobody does anything to avoid scoring and losing.

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@RedReaper I think you misread my post. Golf is 10 time more entertaining than UEFA Champions League. Also golf is a game not a sport so your post is futile.

Wikipedia wants a word with you

I also support the lowest-score-wins model, let’s see how those 52 gazillion whales teams in war that defeat me in 4 mere seconds like that.

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Is unreliable and not a credible source. Anyone could change that wording. Also golf meets the definition of “game” than " sport ," does not require rigorous physical activity, and can be played professionally by people who are overweight, injured, or non- athletic .

Snooker is a sport and no-one is going to take away my one claim to being sporty.

Fair enough and yeah golf is a sport. If swimming is a sport which takes (Imo) less effort, golf is too (with golf you need concentration, planning, etc just like a normal sport. With swimming you just need to move your arms and legs around).

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Darts, pool, golf, snooker and chess are not sports. A sport requires physical assertion, athleticism, skill and stamina. The next thing you will say is that Poker is a sport.

Swimming is one of the most rigorous full body work outs you can preform. Arms, legs, core all engaged along with timed breathing and co2 purging! :swimming_man:‍♂ :swimming_man:‍♂

Aw shucks, I needed all those to be sports. Well at least I still play poker

I mean they can be sports! Maybe run in place as you play poker? Or hit a snooker shot while on a treadmill? A running start before you throw a dart! This could happen, this could work!

What about something as simple as every win dropping 3-5 tokens for an onslaught only wheel. Have the wheel contain some 6*, 5* asc 6* gear maybe lillith Benny and uly. Heck maybe even 5 packs of cans. Make a pull on the wheel 50 tokens or so… I would enjoy onslaught with this setup