The “I quit” threads


Why close them? Even when closed, people can still read them, the negativity remains. At the very least they are more of a message to the company that caused these players to quit. Most people don’t care when someone quits. But when any person stops giving anyone business, a good company would want to know why. That way, they can see what is causing this and they can change things to keep people around.

Or am I just being silly…? Did I forget where I am? Maybe.


Prepare your wallet, and they’ll be open to hear all your ideas, frustrations, and rants.


Actually, the one she just recently closed was closed for no reason. It was not implying that he was even leaving it was meant to be a fun thread of when people do quit what they’ll make their name or their leader as. She says it wasn’t doing anything to further help the RTS community, well, it was in Off-Topic for a reason…


People create the quit threads to solicit sympathy and then they go absolutely nowhere and you get people like me and a whole bunch of other asshole replying to them saying we dont care if you quit or sharing GIFs and it goes absolutely nowhere. they arent productive threads, they dont add to the community, if you want to quit then quit, if you have an issue then there are other ways to go about it rather than creating a quitting thread.


It was in General at first.

As a community manager, I can tell you that “I quit” or “How will you quit” threads do not help build community morale or help improve the game.

They don’t bring value to community members or the game itself.

I feel their only intention is to create drama or gain attention for the person posting.

If you honestly feel they bring value, please PM me and we can discuss.

Thank you.

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