The hunter revieve offer thoughts?

Hey guys

What do you think of this Hunter offer for an attacking team ? And specially for my attacking team? Let me hear your thoughts

Better defensive than offensive.


Does OK damage and revive is nice.

Based on what you have you’d likely replace Jesus or zeke.

If replacing zeke, you lose healing and trade it just for a single revive.

If you replace Jesus, you lose damage potential.

I’m not sure the benefits will outweigh the cost, offensively speaking. Zeke should already do a pretty good job of keeping you alive. And if fighting Erika’s decap Tyrese is a better replacement for Jesus.

Defense he can tank very well. But really is only effective if setting off a revive loop.

I think you’d benefit more by adding a guardian 2 even if off trait so you delay rushes and reduce incoming damage keeping your toons alive until zeke if ready.


What about replacing Mirabelle ? I mean he does still more damage than her but he is not so strong so I don’t know…

For defense I had in mind Andrea shield from club, I have red zeke, will get revieve solange, Hunter and maybe princess or green Carl…

My thoughts are with Shield Andrea in the works we are about to be bombarded with even more revives maybe double revives soon.He might be worth it for a month or 2 but just w8.

Well yea… you prob right, but I was hunting him for a long time and bought him ;D alleready mod up and maxed in AR… he is NICE… :smiley:

He’s terrible. Don’t buy him.

He is not terrible but way overpriced


I’m personally a huge fan of Mirabell for buying you an extra turn through her stun (or limiting depending on mods) as well as help counter green stun atks coming at you. I would likely leave her in but would require some play testing to see the difference.

For defense you sound like your on the right path.

Do you need hunter if the green revive is around the corner? If you project 2 months out, do you foresee using hunter continuously.

Best of. Luck in your decision making. As long as your having fun there are no wrong choices =-)

Hunter is awesome, and a pain to put down in raids. He’s worth it, but not for $75 offer. Plus I reckon hunter is in the 5* tokens wheel isn’t he?

Not in 5* tokens, he is in premier wheel alteast was before this ‘leader’, ‘fast’,‘women’ etc wheels…and yep he is solid but not worth 75$ for sure

Well i did it and kind of using him in the attack… moded him with defense / and attack mod. He is tier1 maxes and has 1600 attacking… he helped my ass a lot by revieve an atracker or zeke for good healing…

I probably spent more than $75 to get him from his stash when they initially released him…he served a purpose for a bit as my first ranged revive but lately I haven’t been using him nearly as much. If you have no other revives, it may be good for you but overall I would pass at this price in the current meta.

Yeah… but why are you not using him anymore then? He is my first revieve… and together with solange he will be 2nd revieve in defense - then one shield to that and Ezekiel so it’s there

He’s just approaching his use by date.

Mostly because my melee now is way better than my ranged. It’s only going to get better yet when I add Solange and the yellow Andrea to the crew

Erika has revive, not decap. Tyreese has decap.

don’t use blue, green and yellow together. make a team where all the toons are affected by the leader skill

Yeah wrong punctuation. If fighting Erika, decap Tyrese…

My auto fail is strong =-)

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What about if you use zeke as lead and make a rainbow team?

If you can afford it go for it lol he’s a good toon