The hell is this event

We can only hope

F2p to unlock the roadmap and give ur credit card to finish it for 5000 tokens for a museum collection that converts to 5 tokens for a wheel that has chance of 0.000001% for 1000 s class collectables and rest burts


Everything is p2p so don’t get your hopes up. It’s all about the money.

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It will definitely be convoluted for sure.


It’s rare because it will be for only the 3 percent of players who still spend on this game.


Yeah free to play get rare and ultra rare pay to play get 6* gear and epic gear, probably

Or a month or 5 after it ends


Which’ll be a couple days after they present it to PC

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Also I haven’t checked vk for league toons

No leaks but next level up will have raulito bullets.

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Next promo is Priya, she has a velvet cake museum collection.


Also wayland is (payback)

More information about this event here Rarity Roadmap Event - 01/13 or


@GR.Scopely what are the actual rewards for the bed sheets etc? Seem to have missed that info


not really much info on there m8.

Rewards? museum collections etc

When are WoC transfers open ? will this over lap

It’s nice to see the link in game! Although the info is somewhat lacking, it is indeed a good start.

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I I can’t say a f2p event to an event consume 6 workd refills each day .not to mention that you need 2-3 each day to farm maps and other things .
That’s almost 10 refills for 24h

These routes will run throughout the event, and they will require 700 energy…

Timer says 9 days, but the event is only 8 days long? Might be an artifact of the data mining. Anyway, if the roadmaps don’t refresh, this should be doable, even if you farm the regular roadmaps. If the maps are daily, it will cost cans like the Michonne event…

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