The Halloween Collection from a Financial Standpoint


Gosh the title alone is a tl:dr.

Not really arguing whether it is a good investment or not. I just personally don’t think it’s a very good incentive to spend because it makes us think too much on where we need to spend.

Too much rng, too much time to think about spending.

I’m suggesting adding rocks to premier pulls since it’s a familiar way to spend and easier to follow along. That collection is tempting, $30+ on a weird bundle that has a CHANCE of pulling rocks are not.


Are you claiming that spending a guaranteed real dollar amount is not worth a chance at nuggets which give me a chance at coins or tokens, which then give me access to further chance based outcomes?

Put another way:

$—>RNG—>RNG—>RNG=$0 spent.

It’s also known as gambling.


whoever says tl:dr is lazy and trolling. I wouldn’t waste my money on buying those jack o’ lantern bags. You would have to spend $99.99 to get 8,250 coins and then buy 2 bags at 3,000 coins leaving you with 5,250 coins and you would have to be lucky both times when buying the bag to get 4 in each bag to total 8 and only be able to make 1 pull in the museum, and it is limited to 1 pull. then you have a random generation between 8 different prizes. if i was to spend $99.99 I would want to get the 10,000 coins, nothing else. a lot of stuff in the store is overpriced in my opinion and that is why i never buy anything.

I agree with this though, but if they did that then they would probably give you 1 silver nugget each 40 pull instead of 5 for a 40 pull.


I’m suggesting buying trainers pack for 185 with a 1/4 chance of getting silver pieces


This is a cash grab from beginning to end. Another way to attempt to coax money from players wallets. This is the kind of offer that should be offered on April Fools. Only association to Halloween involved is that it is a trick, no treats involved. Looking at current coin packages and sales, one would need to spend at least 80 bucks and have super luck to walk away with the 5 silver nuggets for the single pull in the museum. Getting the 10000 coins would be the only way to even make a profit at that point, if you are lucky to get that out of the crate. 5k in coins, 5* tokens for one or two 5* characters, 2 or 4 pulls from the lucille tokens, or 1 or 2 4* weapon pulls (whoop dee doo) is not worth the money. Youd have to be bat crap crazy to even consider the offer as being worth while. Seriously, who thinks this kinda scam up and thinks its a good thing?


Gambling feels good, I won’t deny that. This formula however feels very convulated.

Somewhere along the line I get lost and discouraged by all the rng going on in that Halloween collection.

You see good stuff, you want the chance to get that good stuff in a bundle. You see where you can buy that chance(in this case, rocks) only to be led to more chances.

I’m just wondering if people would be more willing to spend in a straight and narrow gambling.


This is basically what I meant, except worded more thoroughly.
I don’t enjoy complaining about spending because realistically speaking the p2w are paying for the f2players.

For me it’s not the money, it’s more the confusing labyrinth that deters me from spending on this collection.


Unless this is a sign that scopely are about to go bust. I’d honestly buy these offers if I wasn’t a university student, whose money is spent on getting through education .


This is gambling for sex whilst sitting on a red hot poker…


This again proofs how bad Scopely is in designing events. But my expectations are so damn low, that Im not surprised at all which makes it fine for me


Meme competition :kissing_heart: