The greatest game ever

Rts with all its flaws is still the best game around ask yourself this what other game have you ever played daily for 4 years? Although it can become tedious at times it still generally holds your attention through various events and the communities conversations I will say good job scopely on that part but fix the bugs and improve the execution


I have played scrabble words with friends flawlessly for longer.


Did you play to the same extent?

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Candy crush


I’ve considered playing Girls Frontline, but my phone doesn’t have the storage at the moment :frowning:

Except the game we started playing 4 years ago is not the current game.

Most responses to surveys/ feedback saying they would not start again if given the choice.

Addiction /suck-cost fallacy is a hell of a drug.

A better game you ask, how about no game?
How about all the money you’ve spent towards something… AND… How about all the time you’ve spent?


I would agree with the original poster. I have played slotomania pretty much daily since the day it came out. However it’s usually just to collect my daily bonuses and spin a couple times. I really do not play any mobile games to the same extent as I play this one. Before I lost Most of my vision I played borderlands two and Battlefield 4 daily. However I do not put PC games on the same level as mobile.

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Just waiting for Diablo Immortal and hopefully LifeAfter keeps its promises.

Summoners war poops on this game. Different genre but this game is trash compared to it. Literally having level up and raid tournaments as the main tournaments for your game for 3-4 years is kind of sad.


League of legends for 6 years :slight_smile:


Only playing because i haven’t found another good phone game


We keep playing out of habit and routine.
We maintain a laughable hope that things will get better.
Its like folks stuck in an abusive relationship who dont make efforts to get out.
“I play because of my friends” is the equivalent of “theyre not always mean to me”

I get that its pathetic :rofl:
But this isnt the greatest game ever.
It was good and has declined from that


Started playing this before RTS, now I play it more than RTS :+1:

I agree with original poster do an extent. Yes this is the longest playing game I ever played, I spent more money on this game than any other game, and I’m way more involved in this game than any other game (making spreadsheets, viewing spreadsheets, memorizing spreadsheets).

However, I would say I enjoy other games when I was still playing them ie) Last of Us.

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Life after is awsome

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I agree with the OP. For ALLLLL the flaws, and there are way to many, this game shits on all other game in terms of gameplay. The raid system is the most challenging and engaging. There is no game that even comes close in terms of gameplay. The rest of it, well that’s easy beatable.

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Greatest game ever…really? Reaaaallllyyy?! Lol

During war drought 2 yrs ago I tried to find a game like wdrts and couldnt.
Its still unique in many ways.
But greatest?


Its easily the best mobile game of its kind (PvP component). I see a lot of names thrown around. Summoners war, marvel strike force and a few others. In only talking about the game play. None of those come close.

Imagine a competent developer who cared about the entire playerbase and not just profit actually ran this game?


Agreed. Pvp gameplay is the best in RTS, strike force and the others don’t come close in terms of engaging gameplay.
Now if RTS were to incorporate some of the positive aspects of strike force, like ability to grind ftp (this has not been the case in rts for a while), proper communication and remuneration for issues, and tweaking of existing characters creating new fresh metas that would be amazing.
But rts remains the only mobile game I consistently play, and its not just because of the friends I’ve made, its also the pvp battles.


Well, gameplay is misleading in many ways. If you had a lot of different options for raids, I’d agree. Having to pay plus rng for those options does not make for the best gameplay. I’ve been using pretty much the same raid team for many many months with the only change being one character only due to AI changes.

It works great and there is almost no skill involved now. Just use my disarm first and dogpile. After that I can auto and win most raids except total new premium teams. This does not scream good gameplay by any means.

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