The great struggle


Before I start, yes this is long and a word wall.

Scopely, for months now all we’ve heard is promises of putting your customers first(crazy to think a business would even consider customers first) and constant reminders that things will get better, that so much is planned that we couldn’t imagine the things in store for those who hold on to absolute naseum only to see nothing to confirm or substantiate your claims. It’s gotten to be where we can’t trust a word anyone who has a Scopely emblem on theor profile bc either it’s bus to calm the growing anger and dissent or you’re being fed lies and there’s not enough in game knowledge to tell the people handing you what to say to question it.

So where does this divide between player and developer/publisher come from? Early in this game, the game wasn’t perfect but it held so much potential which we as a gaming community saw and those running the game I would assume would say the same. However over time, before pop up offers were introduced, you had crates and bags full of good looking toons/gear/etc that you could use so you bought one and usually ended up with a media pack instead of something useful. Same for pulls, as I had a teammate once pull $1500 in one day for yellow Sandy when she first came out only to not even get a $5. I kno, her fault for pulling absolutely but not to receive anything of use at all… that grows animosity. So as the pull rates got worse and Scopely claimed they couldn’t be adjusted, we had our doubts but no true proof… until Viktorgate. There we all saw not only was the percentage adjustable but how quickly Scopely will swoop in to fix something that affects their bottom line. So players of course were upset bc for over a year, we had been lied to.

The armory bug is the perfect example of money over gameplay, money trumping players fun. Bc people would coin it to increase their chance at construction, it seems it was ignored for 6 months despite pleads to ban the exploiters and fix the bug. It took 6 months after it became public knowledge, that’s shocking tbh. 6 months to stop something that was hurtinhg your top dollar earner. But they were still making short term money so who cares?

So then we have nerfing of cans and regardless of what they say, it’s not the same and they can adjust it bc we had a blitz war that had none drop at all. They can’t be adjusted, just like pull rates couldn’t be adjusted, right?

You have vk now changing the landscape and yet nothing is done. Active cheaters reported, claims they will be dealt with and nothing done. 6s open buffed to make 5 irrelevant and trying to force players hands to spend like you did to build those first rosters. War pulled for 2 months only to come back with the same problems as before. New bugs popping constantly as if it’s clockwork. Prizes basically stopping people from even caring to compete. And on and on and in.

But the real reason we can not trust Scopely more than anything is bc they refuse to listen to us. Not in the small ways but in many ways you read players suggest everyday here. If it’s their priority to not listen and heed advice from these most knowledgeable people which is the players that is their right of course but also this games downfall. Since there isn’t exactly a hardcore player who plays this in HQs offices, shouldn’t they consult us? Isn’t that what these forums should be? To help preserve the lifespan of the game and possibly implement ideas that will increase everyone’s enjoyment and in turn fill Scopelys wallets? But it’s not like that at all. the players care the most and they are the ones being ignored and will continue to do so. Been this way for two years, why should it change. We’re the silent contributor to a narcissistic notion of whatever we do, they’ll continue to accept.

So after seeing posts about showing Scopely good will, to extend the hand first… I refuse. I would for once love to see them swallow some pride, admit the way the players have been treated was wrong and implement/deliver on promises made to us. It’s the only way to keep the people who are on the fence bc if this is how it stays, the fence will collapse. I know they think they can draw in all this new blood to replace the loyal people who have been around a very long time, the people many of us have seen leave ourselves but that’s foolhardy. Within 6 months, you’ll wish for these players to return but you’ve lost them, not just from this game but any Scopely game in their future. It’s all up to them but I’m sure nothing will change bc that’s not how things are done in hq.


So basically what you’re saying is that, the game went to shit after 6*s were introduced, and you are correct.


It was more about a pm I received about how we should work together with Scopely and be the bigger person. I probably wasn’t as organized as Id liked to be about it but I was trying to convey with everything we’ve had to deal with over the last year especially, there’s no damn way I’m extending my hand first. If they don’t see these people leaving, people not spending and the word getting around not to download this game, I guess ignorance is bliss. But you’re right, 6s fucked things up worse bc now every flaw is more visible when the game is less fun


Very well said.


No wonder that was sent in a PM. What a load of horseshit.


Couldn’t agree more but some people will support it blindly. Can’t judge but I’ll damn sure disagree with it.


It’s most likely due to a leadership vacuum. Communication is definitely not flowing between the developers, designers, business operations, and coders. They either are not doing scrums often enough, or when they do the meetings are not ran very well. Poor @kalishane is probably left to wrangle cats when trying to get answers for us, and when she does finally get an answer it gets changed by one of the other business units. Nevertheless she needs to act like one voice, and not blame the fragmented nature of working where she does…

Keep surviving.


Hey Plausible!

I was at IUGO for a few days last week working from their studio. There is now a team that will be solely dedicated to improvements across the board.

We are looking hard at the feedback we have and figuring out priority, the time it would take, if they’re possible, etc.

Needless to say it was a great visit! :slight_smile:


But this has been said several times with no noticeable improvement. It’s that last part that makes the whole statement questionable. “if they’re possible, etc.” leaves wiggle room for an out.


It’s their game, literally anything is possible in terms of changing variables or the like, so any parameter in the game should be possible for them to change, wether or not they are willing is the issue.


It also accounts for reality. If the amount of time and energy needed to do a fix is grossly disproportionate to the improvement, it isn’t going to get done. They have a limited number of hours they can dedicate to the game, as such, sometimes the call on what can be done and what can’t will have to be made.


Well, that’s just the way development works. Not all things are possible on a game that’s around 3-5 years old without a serious overhaul.

Even on Evolve there were things we couldn’t implement even though we wanted to. :,(


No, there was no “can nerf” just ask the players who were getting drops.

We will never get any good response from Scopley as long as players are still in Kyrie Irving mode (rejecting science, analytics, facts, evidence and just saying things like “What my eyes tell me” aka flat earth truthering)


This game is less than 3 years old though. In the old forums, someone PM’ed me a link showing how much Scopely pulled in and it was shocking, something like $88k DAILY. With revenue of over $3M per year (not to mention the $60M investment they received), they should not be struggling with manpower. Other than abysmal Customer Support, Scopely needs to contract some of the work to experienced people or something just to get caught up on improvements. It’s at the point where people are tired of waiting for things to get better.


Depends if revenue is involved or not really.

Original communications about 6* and ascension being available through gear only went down the drain the moment revenue reports went south. (and rightfully so, since the user based is conditioned into acquiring top tier gear like bag/walkie over time - more specifically, who ever in design/revenue decided to change the revenue model should get a demotion) 6* implemented into premium pull happened instantly withing a few development cycles.

Meanwhile, CRW critical failures leading into Albert’s letter leading into 2 months of no war and how many development cycles was that? Plain and simple, revenue from war cans is ranked lower thus no actual effort to allocate resources into THE #1 event feature. And let’s not go into dying regions and claims of “more harm than good” comment by Dash - again, in summary, resource invested did not lead to an immediate revenue boost and/or new revenue did not equal to the sum of the revenue from the separate regions. Paid individual server merges was a WOW feature, brings revenue AND increases LTV scoring - how many more development cycles until this happens?

ROI is not based on the immediate, it’s part of the brand, part of the business plan. You can have some revenue driven decisions but when ALL decisions are revenue based, that’s called slash and burn.


$60M just form series C:


Without claiming to be a psychic, I’d wager that adding toons into the wheel as 6* had as much to do with the issues with the current game economy(food shortages etc) and wanting to push people into the 6* meta, than it did revenue. The whales will pull for the toons either way


While that is true, I think the vast majority of the “fixes” that would make a world of difference in player satisfaction are simple fixes. Better prizes, offer pop-ups (really needs a “don’t show this offer again” button), variety of events, etc.


I’m sorry but since war has come back, I’m down 75 cans. I’ve never had such terrible ‘luck’ not getting drops and I’m guaranteeing you that I’m not alone in this thought. They still dropping for you? Good for you but just bc you have them dropping doesn’t account for many of us not getting the same percentage to drop.


Shane thank you for the response and I want you to know that this rebuttal isn’t meant to be rude or dismissive but many of us have heard this for a long time. Things aren’t getting better as of right now, you won’t find many players who would disagree with that. You’re losing people left and right regardless of the data you may see. People need to see action to put hope back into the product. I know nothing happens overnight but the players need something bc the time to show improvement is getting short.