The Great Ape Wars

We need a new list of future ascendable. We need more gear. We need a balance of power. Free the monkey king.


We need Carl to the museum or we riot

So many people will walk and the whales soon after will walk once it comes down to whale vs whale vs hacker, etc. The game needs f2p for the whales to feed on or the whole system falls apart

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Thats a small percent, most want easy. Its why this games played by some people, some games you cant buy a win or have rng give you a win and the whales would never play one of those games. Some really do want comp but not all. None the less just like the economy, you need a strong middle class or soon the system will fall. This game wouldnt last if lets say it was full subscription and only whales, it would drop to a few servers with a few facs and you would get bored real fast. NS2 is a great example of how the “elite” killed their own game they loved. Same would happen here is what im saying, the game needs i guess what some call a dolphin and f2p. The number of active users is very important, money isnt always king, other things come into play also


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