The Grand Canyon

I know this gets talked about a lot already, but was just a match that made me think wow this is ridiculous… So my faction is currently in 11th place in our CRW matchup, doing pretty well considering. We get the 4th ranked faction. You would think this is a decently fair matchup based on placement, right? Nope, we get smashed in minutes, end result 45k to 8k. The gap between top 5 factions and everyone else is just crazy. Top 15 teams should not be this far apart in capabilities.


S-Class is the future.

Depending on which group you are Top 5 are probably some of the best factions in the game, like group 2 that has Walkers, VV, Victory, Nightmare and Juggernauts, any of them would probably be #1 in a past crw, since scopely put all these factions in wave 1 some of these crw groups are like a mini WOC.

Difference is $$$$$$$$$$$$


That is my grouping. I was more just commenting on the gap between top 5 and the rest. Whether you are rank 11 or rank 111, you have the same chance against the factions on the otherside of the canyon.

The game has really stratified completely. It’s generally tough to beat anyone a few ranks above you, or lose to someone a few ranks below (unless it’s an inactive team with a handful of whales etc.)

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