The gear survey was somehow unhelpful

I don’t know how they managed to do this for a survey designed to tackle one of the great bottlenecks in the game, but the design of and questions in this survey totally missed the mark for me. Possibly because the text box was at the start. Possibly because it didn’t ask the right questions and focussed on the wrong questions. Example: ranking gear like that. This was not my priority about gear, trying to work out if I needed a hockey mask more than a school bag. Smh

For a start, my answers will be biased towards the blue/red s class toons for the time being, as this is the trait Scopely keep releasing. Not really had many opportunities for yellow s class f2p yet. Those answers are not going to help.

Scopely should address:-

  1. Why we have a gloves map every week. Is anyone established in need of these gloves any more?
  2. What amounts in the other weekly gear maps weren’t updated after s class came out.
  3. What’s up with radios? We still get them but can’t unlock roadmaps for gear we actually want or need. This needs an overhaul.
  4. The many problems/issues with the league store - 7 day cool down, costs, token availability, amounts you can buy.

Re trainers, I would love to tick benedicts but I rarely get any these days. And there was no space to give feedback about the lack of liliths or Ulysses or why we still get all those rebel and hunter trainers.

@Parker could you ask them (maybe more politely than me) why they are deliberately not understanding what gear is all about and politely suggest they just, you know, match the gear availability with the gear amounts they set for the toons they release. It’s not difficult. And give us more trainers that will be useful, not an endless supply of burts. Thanks in advance :blush:


Honestly, I didn’t read your post but why they even have a gear survey is beyond me. They literally don’t play their own game. There is no 6* gear roadmap. Are they dumb? Of course that’s where the shortage is.

Now there’s 6s and more exp to level them and s class and no 6 trainer.

It’s not rocket science.


I worked quite hard doing this survey - in the hope that it gets taken to the team. But yeah the ranking of Knife Sheaths over Hockey masks over crank radio’s, that was a hot mess.


most parts of rewarding system in the game are stuck in 2019 (or 2018).
what about scavenger camp missions? do we need yellow boots to update 3* toons?
what about faction assault boss rewards?
territories still giving 4* tokens?

I can’t understand Scopely… update 4/5 things and the game will get more appeal again but they don’t do it. It’s no sense to me


The fact they even need to do a gear survey after all the begging and pleading for more gear should speak volumes


I didn’t like the 10 questions either, asking you to judge most important and least important out of 4 gear items. I felt like they were trying to trip up my story lol

Also @Jojo29 I saw this tag post-wake up and it didn’t retain in my memory for the rest of the day whoops.

They know the gear issues and they know what people want, from the PC at the very least. They’re also very analytics driven, and the survey’s intention was likely to fill out the data/spreadsheet side of things.

We tell them about trainers too. A lot.


S’ok. I thought we were back in November 2019 this morning when I asked my boss a particularly dumb question and even forwarded a link from then backing up my question. D’oh.

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A zero energy farm able gear road map would be helpful. 12-16 cans of energy is wasteful when ppl are farming for gear when there’s a bottleneck on it. We still need a 6☆ gear road map . Trainer’s are definitely needed. Most of us use Benedict for ascending 5☆ to 6☆. Trainer’s for AR & AS are needed too.

These would be helpful to the entire player base.

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