The Gauntlet. 🤛

@Final-Boss hey Jackie boy, I saw through the chats you’re “going on tour.” Hope you don’t go too far, because we’re coming for you. 7 days, count them down.


Don’t know what in the world this is about but


Is this where Opie gets killed?

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This is possibly the closest anyone called Dave had ever got to sounding threatening.

If I was Jackie I’d be almost thinking about starting to get worried…


Like, on a military tour? Or on a vacation tour? So, busy a lot and away from the game?

Umm…shouldnt you wait until hes back from tour? Can you really get someone if they’re barely playing?

I assume the “you” is AP. Not necessarily Jack.

Umm…sure looks like hes quite specific.

Probably because he’s the most vocal on here. You don’t go after one guy. Your in a faction lol.


What if the rest of AP already “has plans” but doesn’t tell anyone… (Seeing as how this “Jackie boy” seems to already have plans and seems to has announced them.)


Well at least we announced our desire to fight them more than 6 hours ahead of war. We did it 1 weeks 6 hours :wink:




“Them” meaning Abusement Park? Or just Final Boss? Cuz the OP didnt say anything about AP. So many assumptions happening here. People saying something vague and it getting confused. Kinda like when Gov stated “we’re here.” And “Move B****es.” “We havent moved.” AP kinda assumed that if they moved, MH would be there.

Why can’t we all agree already that Mh was to scared to fight Ap that weekend and Gov/Dave should retire as leaders. What type of leaders call themselves the best but are to scared to fight?

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Sorry, too far. I dont think they claim to be the best leader, plus their faction is on a higher tier than almost everyone else. It’s ok to not like them, but cant say they havent done something right.


They claim to be the best faction not leaders and if they claim to be the best faction then they should really not shy away from a challenge.

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Guess they could always drop him and wait to find out what @Dave means.

Dam i wish i had money, this shit sounds fun.

Already talked to Bane about this in PM(yesterday morning), had a very nice and polite conversation with him about it. I’m sure he already told you what was said, so I’m not really sure why there is a thread for this. Oh, wait, I know… It sure seems like I get accused of starting drama a lot by the people posting in this thread, trying to bait and start drama. Odd to say the least.

Rather than fire back on all of this, I’ll say the same thing I told him. As you know, I am not the leader of AP. I do not make the calls on where we go and what we do. You know who the leader is and you know how to ask for this.

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Is it by spamming chat for 6 hrs calling them names? Genuinely curious.

Drama. Check!

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