The Gator Stash


Definitely worth money if you get all the gear and a free machete with a t3 modification that is only available for raider 3 reds my opinion anyway :slight_smile:


But the price…what’s that in dollars or pounds.

You will have to buy 4x20 plus 1x10.

That’s a lot of coin.


Only 28k coins :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



They need to do a coin sale with that stash then.


Even with the coin sale (even if like the latest one) is a parcel character worth $300? Maybe the wrong word was used and “worth” was supposed to be “better than” as in it is better than spending $600 for the 5*???


I hope this means our 6* Ascendable old Gator will be ready soon.


As soon as he shows up in the stash, he will be ascendable for anyone that has him. Can’t wait.


Yay! I had hoped but it wouldn’t have surprised me if they held his 5* ascendence back for lolz in the office :wink:


They do it all for the lulz.


I was hoping Gov would come first but yay Gator aid is here. :+1:t4:


The Red Governor should of been next. Sigh. :anguished:


With Gator thats 2 ascendable melee toons back to back. Both nugget events are for melee too. Can’t help but feel that ranged is getting bent over. Scopely better not make us wait months for the Gov now.



Yeahnah I’ll just pass on that.


This is really random. Red gov has been ready for several months while gator has only been seen recently. There are so little f2p reds it’s ridiculous. Come on scopley, what do have against releasing the governor. But at least they are releasing more ascendables.


Wow $400 bucks for…for what? He is not even worth using my fodder on currently as I see no benefit from large lead Rosa!

What really baffles me is the game is on life support for many, yet the offers/cost are getting more ridiculous?

Like someone really sat down and plugged in this price point, but how did they come up with it. Is this the median price, just wow. Lololol at not knowing what’s going on in the game.

I’m trying to survive, I really am, but…but…help scopely!


It’s looking like we’ll be seeing someone do a single for him and gets him on the first try. Ooooooo I can’t wait to see the thread for this stashes pull results.


28k coins??? damn!! LOL


If the stash had been the same price point as Shane/Glenn, it would have sold.
Priced most people out of this one I think, which is silly as its their own revenue they are killing off!


You can get him through ascension no need to spend lol


Is it worth it? Let’s do some math!


Coins required for full pull: 28.450
Real currency: approx US$350 (of big packs, otherwise that last 10 pull would cost more since it would scale)

CONTENT VALUE (as of today)

6* Gator: US$100
GPS/Canteen: US$35 x 2 = US$70 (the other recent stash offer that offered US$100 for 5 chances of GSP/Canteen do not count)
6 legendary gear: US$10 each or US$60
12 epic gear: US$2.5 each or US$30
1 bag/1 walkie: US$2.5 each or US$5
??? 20,000 silver medals: free
??? other stuff: free (my guess would be legendary medals, food - everything needed to help ascend Gator to T4 max)
45-pull bonus = 2 chances at watch/radio: US$5 each or US$10
Bonus 4* weapon: US$50 (per impair gun crate - -ap on attack is not the best defense weapon)

TOTAL VALUE = US$325 (plus unknown value of other stuff)


This Gator stash follows the usual Scopely-chance theme: if you luck out and pull the high value stuff early (Gator or GPS/Canteen or legendary gear - which, is pretty useless without the GPS/Canteen) then you should call it a day and be happy. The 4* weapon is not enough incentive for a full 90-pull. There’s also a HUGE chance of getting owned by all of the zero-value bonus stuff (medals, food, other gear). Overall, because the high value stuff makes up for 9 of 90 pulls (top 10%) my inclination is PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

For your first 20-pull (for those gamblers in us), if the chances are equal for each result you are going for 22.2% of the stash meaning 2.2% for a top pull. (10% of that) And at 2.2% (again, provided this is not another lootbox trap) you might as well go buy a lottery scratch card.